Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Backbone test analysis

The Test Analysis feature performs automated application and network layer analysis to isolate data trends that are consistent with known performance problems. Once identified, the tool is capable of explaining the nature of the results as well as suggesting areas to investigate in order to remedy the problem. Analytics performs a subset of performance tests and should be viewed as a starting point for performance investigations.

Analysis tests

These tests are performed:

  • End-to-end time analysis.
  • DNS lookup time – Averages and banding by host.
  • Connection time – Averages and banding by host.
  • HTTP persistent connections.
  • Page objects consistency – Identifies whether a single object is consistently failing.
  • First byte times for objects – Identifies any object the is slowing down page downloads.
  • Comparisons of DNS, connection, and SSL times, for each node and compared to all tests running on the same nodes.

The results are presented so that each diagnostic that passes the evaluation displays a green box labeled Pass, while an area that does not pass the evaluation will be identified with a red box labeled Fail. In addition, sections of how to investigate potential problems provide starting points for root cause analysis. This enables you to focus on the red areas, providing a valuable starting point to understand the root cause of a performance problem.

An example of a performance problem could be the result of persistent connections being disabled. In addition to the time involved in diagnosing this problem, there are also users who might not be aware to even investigate this issue as a cause of performance problems. In this situation, the analytical capability will identify the problem and present it to the user, along with an explanation of why this problem can affect performance.

Running a test analysis

  1. Click Menu icon > Diagnostics.
  2. In the Diagnostics page, click Analysis.
  3. Select the test from the Choose a Backbone transaction list.
  4. Click Analyze.