Editing or deleting users

Use the Edit User page to:

  • Change a user's access to the portal.
  • Reset a user's password or challenge questions.
  • Delete a user.

Select a user to edit or delete

  1. In the Dynatrace Portal, click > User management to display the User management page.
  2. Find the user you need to edit or delete.
    To quickly find the user, type a search string in the search field. You can search for the Username, First Name, Last Name, or Email Address. As you type the string, the user list is filtered to display only the users that have the string in any of those fields. For example, if you type good in the search field, the user list would include a user with the username vgood, a user named Joan Gooderham, and a user with the email address g.yin@goodyear.com.
  3. Click the Username to display the Edit User page.
  4. Continue with the appropriate procedure:

Edit the user settings

  1. Modify the user information as needed:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Title
    • Email Address

    You cannot change the Username or Account Name.
    The default language setting is not available when editing a user's settings.

  2. Change the access profile(s) if the user needs a different set of Portal permissions:

    1. Click Select Profile to open the Choose access profiles window.
    2. Select the profile(s), up to a maximum of three profiles for this user.
      Click None to clear all options.
    3. Click Select.
  3. Click Save to save the changes and return to the User management page.

Reset a user's password

At the bottom of the Edit User page, click Reset Password & Challenge to send an email message to the user, containing a link to the Set Password page.

The user must define a new password and then select challenge questions.

Delete a user


You cannot undo deleting a user or deleting the reports owned by a user.

  1. At the bottom of the Edit User page, click Delete User.

    • If the user is the owner of any reports, continue with the next step.
    • If the user does not own any reports, you are prompted to confirm the deletion. Click Delete.
      The user account is deleted.
  2. If the user owns any reports, you are prompted to reassign or delete the reports.

    • To reassign any of the user's reports, perform the procedure Reassign the User's Reports, below.
    • To delete all of the user's reports, select Delete User and Reports. The user account and all the user's reports are removed.

Reassign a user's reports

If you want to keep a user's reports when you delete the user account, reassign the reports to other users. You can reassign some reports and delete others.

In the Delete User with Reports message box, click Delete or Reassign Reports.
The Assign Reports page lists the reports owned by the user.

Select the reports you want to reassign, then click Assign at the bottom of the page. You may need to scroll the page down to see the Assign button.
The Assign Reports to Another User window appears.

Select the user by clicking the radio button in the Select column.
You can filter the list by entering all or part of the username in the filter box at the top right.

Click Assign at the bottom of the page.
The Assign Reports to Another User window closes, and the reassigned reports are removed from the Assign Reports page.
A copy of each reassigned report is sent to its new owner.

To delete any remaining reports, select the reports and click Delete Report at the bottom of the Assign Reports page.
When you are prompted to confirm, click Delete.

After all reports are reassigned or deleted, click Delete User at the bottom right corner of the page.
The user account is deleted.

If you Cancel before deleting the user, the user account is retained, but cancelling does not undo reassigning or deleting reports.