Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Getting help with Synthetic scripting

Scripts are at the center of Synthetic data. The goal of this document is to ensure that you have access to the best information to help you build the best possible scripts. The better your scripts, the more valuable the resulting data, and the fewer sleepless nights your operations teams spend investigating potentially bad data.

If you would like Dynatrace to assist you with scripting, you will be required to use/purchase FlexPoints, or you may also purchase a Synthetic Scripting Package.

Learn scripting via the Synthetic Monitoring Support community

The Synthetic Monitoring Support community is a comprehensive resource that covers all topics from downloading the recorder to setting up alerts for your synthetic tests. A few of the most important topics are linked below.

Using the Web Recorder

The Web Recorder is designed to get your scripts created and producing data without the need to install any platform specific software. It allows you to record, edit, and provision a test from a Chrome browser, and it supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. This topic will help get you up and running quickly.

Using the Windows Recorder

This page covers the basics of getting up and running with the Windows Recorder, and provides a basic workflow to help you get started creating scripts. If you do not already have the Windows Recorder installed on your Windows PC, the page Installing and uninstalling the Recorder link in the subtopics will help you download and install the application.

Scripting best practices

To ensure that your synthetic monitoring tests deliver accurate, actionable data, it is important that your scripts follow these guiding principles. These best practices will help you from the initial planning stages of a script to final cleanup, and will help you to minimize the occurrence of errant data.

This document also contains links to help you configure default settings in the recorder as well as links to pages that explain the preferred use of the most common types of script actions.

The documents listed above are only a small subset of the available documents on the topic of scripting. For a full list of all Synthetic scripting documentation available on our community, visit this page.

Learn how to script at Dynatrace University

Another great source for information on Synthetic scripting is Dynatrace University. Dynatrace University provides eLearning, vILT, certifications and vLabs.

Becoming certified will provide you with a strong technical advantage for when you begin scripting.

Engage Dynatrace Professional Scripting Services

If you decide that you simply do not have the time or inclination to learn scripting, the Dynatrace Professional Scripting Services Team always ready to help. Offering a consultative approach to scripting no task is too simple, or too complex.

From the time you choose to work with the scripting team you will be treated to features offered by no other team at Dynatrace: features like 4-hour initial response time, direct access to the advanced scripting team, application of best practices, and a 1-week script warranty.

For more information, contact the Professional Scripting Services team via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dynatrace scripting free?

Unfortunately, no. Scripting is a paid service that can be purchased using FlexPoints (for ad-hoc scripting services), or by purchasing a Synthetic Scripting Package (year-round coverage).

Will Dynatrace Support help me with scripting?

Our services are intended to be self-service and we have many training options available. Support will attempt to understand the issue and guide you to a solution. However, they will not perform scripting services.

What if I have reviewed all training material but I am still having trouble building my script?

The Professional Scripting Services team provides advanced scripting training as well as scripting coaching sessions in which a Dynatrace Scripting Professional is assigned to work with you directly.

Once I decide to use your services, who will be building my script?

Our team is made up of scripting experts whose sole purpose is designing, building, and testing the best synthetic monitoring scripts on the planet. We have more than 30 collective years’ experience with synthetic monitoring scripts, and we are fluent in all Dynatrace scripting technologies from the most basic real browser agent script, through the most complex Web Services scripts — we’ve got you covered!

How do I engage Dynatrace Professional Scripting Services?

Reach out to us at, and someone from our team will reach out to you directly to help scope your requirements.