Dynatrace Synthetic Classic Early Access Program

The Early Access Program (EAP) gives you a preview of the features and enhancements we're developing for the Synthetic Classic Portal.

Visit the Dynatrace synthetic ideas forum to see the status of requested enhancements, and to submit your own ideas for improving the Synthetic Classic Portal.

Log in to the EAP Portal (https://portaleap.dynatrace.com/) to try out the Early Access features.

Currently available in the EAP Portal

Modified login process

To prepare for implementing Single Sign On (SSO) in the Synthetic Classic Portal, the login process now has two steps:

  1. When you go to https://portaleap.dynatrace.com/, the new SSO login screen appears. Type your username and click Next to go to the next login screen.

  2. Your username is entered automatically; enter your password to Sign in.