Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.


This method returns all the Backbone nodes (or sites) available to run browser tests for a given account. The ability of the site to run an IPv6 test is also shown in the output for each site returned.




Input (literal)

This message contains a single GetSitesRequest element. The GetSitesRequest element contains only the credentials of the user in whose name the request is processed.

Element Type Occurs Nillable? Description
Credentials anyType (restriction) 1..1 No A Credentials element contains the username and password of an account user. The element is required in all requests to the Test Management Web Service.
UserName [element Credentials] string 1..1 No The UserName of an employee for an account (and used for authentication).
Password [element Credentials] string 1..1 No A secret used as part of user credentials for authentication. Every request to the Test Management API web service must include a Credentials element. That element itself contains a UserName and a Password element.

Output (literal)

This message contains a single GetSitesResponse element containing a collection of MonitorSite elements. Each MonitorSite describes a Backbone node available to the account for running browser tests. Whether the MonitorSite supports IPv6 will also be indicated.

Element Type Occurs Nillable? Description
ResponseStatus ResponseStatusType 1..1 No This element appears in most of the responses issued when the Test Management API operations are invoked.
ErrorMessage [type OperationResponseType] string 0..1 No The error message is provided if the ResponseStatus was FAILURE.
MonitorSites anyType (restriction) 1..1 No The MonitorSites element is a container of MonitorSite elements. See MonitorSite for more information.



<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=""


<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""
      <GetSitesResponse xmlns="">
            <MonitorSite siteId="777" siteName="TPNTS7 - MA: Boston"
              city="Lexington" state="MA" countryCode="US" ipV6Enabled="false"/>
            <MonitorSite siteId="865" siteName="TPNPEKSA12 - Beijing
              China test" city="Beijing" state="" countryCode="CN" ipV6Enabled="false"/>