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A Steps element is a collection of one to many Steps. Everywhere a Step may appear, it is enclosed in such a collection.

Derived by

Restricting anyType

Content model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
Step anyType (restriction) 1..* No A Step represents a web page that might be browsed within a larger GSL script run by the browser agent. The Step appears in the output of both the GetTests query and the GetScripts query. It also figures in an UpdateTestParameters request where it is used to rename a step in an existing test.
URL [element Step] string 0..1 No The URL is a web address.
DisplayName [element Step] string 0..1 No The DisplayName is populated with the Title of the web page or application.

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An example of a Steps element as it appears in a GetScriptsResponse:

<GetScriptsResponse xmlns="http://www.gomeznetworks.com/schemas/provisioning">
      <Script agentType="IE" scriptId="324386" status="Inactive"
      createDate="2012-10-01T20:30:31.73" modifyDate="2012-10-01T20:30:31.73">
         <Description>MultiStepScript 10/1/2012 4:30:32 PM</Description>
            <Step stepSeqNum="0">
               <DisplayName>Dynatrace LLC</DisplayName>
            <Step stepSeqNum="1">
               <DisplayName>Dynatrace LLC</DisplayName>
            <Step stepSeqNum="2">
               <DisplayName>Step 3</DisplayName>
            <Step stepSeqNum="3">
               <DisplayName>Mission Statement | Dynatrace</DisplayName>

In the previous example, Steps are part of a script that has yet to be incorporated into a test (and is therefore not run on any Backbone node). In the next example, Steps appear in a GetTestsResponse as part of a test that is running or can be run on a Backbone node:

      <Monitor name="MultiStepTest 11/29/2012 11:51:44 AM" folder="TestManagement,
      MultiStepTests" agentType="IE" summaryFlag="On" includeRenderTimeFlag="On"
      frequencyInMins="60" expirationDate="2012-11-30T11:51:44" ipVersion="IPv4_only"
      monitorStatus="Active" folderStatus="Active" monitorId="328680"
      createDate="2012-11-29T16:51:40.003" modifyDate="2012-11-29T16:51:45.897"
            <MonitorSite siteId="777"/>
            <Step stepSeqNum="0">
               <DisplayName>Gomez Login</DisplayName>
            <Step stepSeqNum="1">
               <DisplayName>Gomez: dotnet Session touch</DisplayName>
            <Step stepSeqNum="2">
               <DisplayName>Gomez: dotnet Session touch</DisplayName>

In the next example, a Steps element appears in an UpdateTestParametersRequest to rename the first step of the test of the previous example:

   <!--1 or more repetitions:-->
   <prov:PartialUpdate monitorId="328680">         
            <prov:Step stepSeqNum="0">
               <prov:DisplayName>Portal Login</prov:DisplayName>