Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.


This element appears in most of the responses that are issued when the Test Management API operations are invoked.

Derived by

Type ResponseStatusType


  • SUCCESS - The monitor order was successfully processed.
  • FAILURE - The monitor order could not be processed.

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Here is an example from a GetTestsResponse:


Here is an example from a GetSitesResponse:

<GetSitesResponse xmlns="">
      <MonitorSite siteId="777" siteName="TPN7 - MA: Boston"
         city="Lexington" state="MA" countryCode="US" ipV6Enabled="false"/>
      <MonitorSite siteId="850" siteName="TPN1 - Boston MA - SAVVIS"
         city="WALTHAM" state="MA" countryCode="US" ipV6Enabled="true"/>

Here is an example from a TestStatusUpdateResponse:


Here is an example from an UpdateTestParametersResponse:


Here is an example from an UpdateTestsResponse:

      <MonitorOrderResponse name="js_2012-08-16T13:11:50.460_FF 2"
         folder="ws_provision" monitorId="306528" monitorStatus="Active"
         <Message>Successfully provisioned monitor: AccountName = DEV - Eric Smith,
            MonitorName = eg_2012-08-16T13:11:50.460_FF 2, MonitorId =306528</Message>

Here is an example from a GetTestsSummaryResponse:


Here is an example from a GetParameterizedTestsResponse:

   <ParameterizedMonitor monitorId="328430" createDate="2012-11-13T21:27:29.513"
      modifyDate="2012-11-21T18:57:53.393" monitorStatus="Active">
         <SubstitutionParameter id="0" name="UserName"
            value="Updated User 11/05/2012 2:56:05 PM"/>
         <SubstitutionParameter id="1" name="Password" value="EricS"/>
         <MonitorSite siteId="886"/>

Based on the number of examples provided, a ResponseStatus tells you either that the operation completed successfully or that it failed, and the failure was due to a business rule violation on the part of the API client or because of some problem with the Synthetic Classic system.