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QueryByModifyDate [type FilterBase]

QueryByModifyDate is supported in both ScriptFilters and MonitorFilters. If present, this element restricts the output by modify date. Multiple instances of this element are permitted so that both upper and lower bounds can be set.

Derived by

Type DateFilterType


Name Type Required? Default Description
dateQueryType DateQueryType Yes The name of the operator used in a date filter.
queryDate dateTime Yes The date against which a particular date in a test or script is compared when the filter is applied.

Content model

Always empty

Referenced by


Here is how QueryByModifyDate appears in a GetScriptsRequest:

      <prov:QueryByModifyDate dateQueryType="GreaterThan"
      <prov:QueryByModifyDate dateQueryType="LessThan"

Here is how QueryByModifyDate appears in a GetTestsRequest:

<prov:GetTestsRequest xmlns:prov="http://www.gomeznetworks.com/schemas/provisioning">
      <prov:QueryByModifyDate dateQueryType="GreaterThan"
      <prov:QueryByModifyDate dateQueryType="LessThanOrEqualTo"

In the first example, the output of a GetScripts operation invocation is restricted by modify date range. In the second example, the output of a GetTests operation invocation is restricted by modify date range. See the help page for DateQueryType for a description of all the date comparison operators that are supported in the interface.