Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.


Appears in a GetTestsSummaryResponse (the payload returned by the server on a GetTestsSummary operation invocation) as child of MonitorSummaries. One MonitorSummary is returned for each test returned by the query.

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Name Type Required? Default Description
monitorId string Yes The monitorId uniquely identifies the browser test in Synthetic Classic for the account.
description string Yes The description attribute contains the test name when it appears in a MonitorSummary.
status MonitorStatusType Yes The Status of the test (Active or Inactive in this context)
frequencyInMins int Yes This field captures the frequency in minutes with which a test is run on a Backbone node. The field is optional. The default frequency in minutes is 60 (one hour).
summaryFlag FlagType Yes Indicates whether summary-level data was requested (to be accumulated in the data warehouse.
createDate dateTime Yes The date on which a test was created.
modifyDate dateTime Yes The date on which the test was last modified.
ipVersion IpVersionType No The version of the Internet Protocol on which the test was configured to run. This parameter limits the type of Backbone node on which the test may be deployed.

Content model

Always empty.

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<GetTestsSummaryResponse xmlns="">
      <MonitorSummary monitorId="328581" description= "Test 11-27-2012 erics 004"
         status="Active" frequencyInMins="60" summaryFlag="Off"
         createDate="2012-11-27T20:18:17" modifyDate= "2012-11-27T20:18:17"
      <MonitorSummary monitorId="328580" description="Test 11-27-2012 erics 002"
         status="Active" frequencyInMins="60" summaryFlag="Off"
         createDate="2012-11-27T19:36:29" modifyDate="2012-11-27T19:36:29"