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A Monitors element is a container of Monitor elements. It appears in GetTests and GetTestsEx responses and holds all the data that the query is expected to contain. It also appears in an UpdateTests request. There it contains all of the Monitor elements that are used to update the already provisioned tests.

Derived by

Restricting anyType

Content model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
Monitor MonitorTypeForResponse 0..* No The monitor element appears in the output of a GetTests operation invocation.

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Below is a Monitors element as it appears in a GetTests response:

<GetTestsResponse xmlns="http://www.gomeznetworks.com/schemas/provisioning">

       <Monitor name="SingleStepTest 11/29/2012 11:51:36 AM" folder="TestManagement, SingleStepTests" agentType="IE" summaryFlag="On" includeRenderTimeFlag="On" frequencyInMins="60" expirationDate="2012-11-30T11:51:36" ipVersion="IPv4_only" monitorStatus="Active" folderStatus="Active" monitorId="328679" createDate="2012-11-29T16:51:37.727" modifyDate="2012-11-29T16:51:39.063" scriptId="328679"> <MonitorSites> <MonitorSite siteId="777"/> </MonitorSites> <Steps> <Step stepSeqNum="0"> <URL>http://www.dynatrace.com</URL> <DisplayName>Updated</DisplayName> </Step> </Steps> </Monitor>

      <Monitor name="MultiStepTest 7/19/2012 10:15:24 AM" agentType="IE" summaryFlag="Off" includeRenderTimeFlag="On" frequencyInMins="5" ipVersion="IPv4_only" monitorStatus="Active" monitorId="263733" createDate="2012-07-19T14:15:14.573" modifyDate="2012-08-08T18:56:16.947" scriptId="263733"> <MonitorSites> <MonitorSite siteId="880"/> </MonitorSites> <Steps> <Step stepSeqNum="0"> <URL>http://www.dynatrace.com/</URL> <DisplayName>Dynatrace LLC</DisplayName> </Step> <Step stepSeqNum="1"> <URL>http://www.dynatrace.com/careers/</URL> <DisplayName>Dynatrace LLC</DisplayName> </Step> <Step stepSeqNum="2"> <URL>http://www.dynatrace.com/careers/why-dynatrace.html</URL> <DisplayName>Step 3</DisplayName> </Step> <Step stepSeqNum="3"> <URL>http://www.dynatrace.com/about/mission-statement.html</URL> <DisplayName>Mission Statement | Dynatrace</DisplayName> </Step> </Steps> </Monitor>


The element should look exactly the same in an UpdateTests request. Use the UpdateTests method to query the Synthetic Classic Portal for the current monitor definitions and pass the revised definitions when they require updating. In this scenario, the Portal test management system provides the most accurate information for the test definitions.