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MonitorOrderResponses are collections of MonitorOrderResponse elements. They occur in the responses of both ProvisionTests and UpdateTests operation invocations. See the MonitorOrderResponse help page for more information.

Derived by

Restricting anyType

Content model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
MonitorOrderResponse anyType (restriction) 0..* No MonitorOrderResponse elements appear in both ProvisionTestsResponse elements and in UpdateTestsResponse elements. In both contexts, the contain information about a monitor-level transaction that either completed successfully or failed to complete successfully.
Message [element MonitorOrderResponse] string 0..1 No This is an error message at the level of a specific monitor order response. However, even if there is no error, message is populated with a description of the outcome of the monitor order. Use the orderStatus field to determine the outcome of the provisioning attempt and the message as a container of supporting data.

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      <MonitorOrderResponse name="Test 11-27-2012 EricS 004" monitorId="328581"
        monitorStatus="Active" orderStatus="SUCCESS">
         <Message>Successfully provisioned monitor: AccountName = DEV - Eric Smith,
            MonitorName = Test 11-27-2012 EricS 004, MonitorId =328581</Message>
      <MonitorOrderResponse name="Test 11-27-2012 EricS 005" monitorId="328582"
        monitorStatus="Active" orderStatus="FAILURE">
         <Message>The site product combination (Site = 777, Product=UTA-
          TRANSACTION) does not support IPv6.</Message>