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A MaintenanceWindowFilter element is sent as part of a GetMaintenanceWindows operation invocation. The use of the filter limits the output of this query.

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Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
MaintenanceWindowType string (restriction) 0..1 No The MaintenanceWindowType is an enumeration used in MaintenanceWindowFilters to restrict the output of the GetMaintenanceWindows query. ONE_TIME maintenance windows are maintenance windows defined for a single datetime range. Once the interval expires, the maintenance window will never occur again. RECURRING maintenance windows occur once a week.
MonitorIds anyType (restriction) 0..1 No The MonitorIds element contains a list of monitor ids. This element may appear in a MaintenanceWindowFilter. The output of this query is restricted to the monitors listed in the MonitorIds. However, the monitors listed in the MonitorIds element that are not defined under the account or that do not have maintenance window definitions do not appear in the output. The MonitorIds element may also appear in an ApplyMaintenanceWindowTemplateRequest. In this context, the monitor ids listed in the element designate the monitors that will receive new maintenance window definitions as a result of the request.

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The following filter restricts the query output to the maintenance windows set for the monitors listed in the filter:


The following filter restricts the query output to one of the two supported maintenance window types: