Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.


A GetParameterizedTestsResponse contains the output of a GetParameterizedTests operation invocation. It includes only those tests that contain global and possibly site-level Substitution Parameters.

Derived by

Extending OperationResponseType

Content model

Contains elements as defined in the following table.

Component Type Occurs Nillable? Description
ResponseStatus ResponseStatusType 1..1 No This element appears in most of the responses issued when the Test Management API operations are invoked.
ErrorMessage [type OperationResponseType] string 0..1 No The error message is provided if the ResponseStatus was FAILURE.
ParameterizedMonitor anyType (restriction) 0..* No A ParameterizedMonitor is a description of a browser test that contains substitution parameters. This element appears in a GetParameterizedTestsResponse and in an AddOrUpdateSubstitutionParametersRequest. In the first context, it describes a configuration of an existing browser test (one that has substitution parameter definitions). In the second context, it describes the manner in which existing global substitution parameters are to be updated and/or the manner in which site-level substitution parameters are to be created, updated or deleted.


   <ParameterizedMonitor monitorId="328430" createDate="2012-11-13T21:27:29.513"
     modifyDate="2012-11-21T18:57:53.393" monitorStatus="Active">
         <SubstitutionParameter id="0" name="UserName" value="erics"/>
         <SubstitutionParameter id="1" name="Password" value="erics"/>
         <MonitorSite siteId="865">
               <SubstitutionParameter id="0" name="UserName" value="user2"/>
               <SubstitutionParameter id="1" name="Password" value="password2"/>
         <MonitorSite siteId="880">
               <SubstitutionParameter id="0" name="UserName" value="user3"/>
               <SubstitutionParameter id="1" name="Password" value="password3"/>
         <MonitorSite siteId="884"/>
         <MonitorSite siteId="886"/>