Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Complex types

Name Description
BaseMonitorType This type defines the monitor elements and attributes common to all single step and multistep monitors.
DateFilterType A type that defines the structure of a QueryByCreateDate, QueryByModifyDate, or QueryByExpirationDate
FilterBase The base type for the ScriptFilter and MonitorFilter
MonitorTypeForProvisioning The base type of a monitor order in a ProvisionTests request (which extends the BaseMonitorType) Both the SingleStepMonitor and MultiStepMonitor extend the MonitorTypeForProvisioning.
MonitorTypeForResponse The base class of both SingleStepMonitor and MultiStepMonitor elements appearing in GetTests() response messages and UpdateTests() messages
OperationResponseType The OperationResponseType definition An OperationResponseType contains a ResponseStatus element (required) and an ErrorMessage element (optional).
ProvisioningResponseType This type extends OperationResponseType (which itself contains a response status element and an optional message). The ProvisioningResponseType contains a collection of MonitorOrderResponses (monitor specific status information). This information is useful for the operations that process multiple monitor orders, each in their own transaction. It is possible for those operations to update more than one monitor and yet abort processing upon encountering a defective monitor order. In these situations, the API user will need to know which monitor orders were processed successfully and which monitor order failed. The ProvisioningResponseType is itself extended by the following elements: the ProvisionTestsResponse (used in the ProvisionTests operation) and the UpdateTestsResponse element (using in the UpdateTestsOperation).
ProvisionTestsMonitorSitesType This type is no longer used in the Test Management API.
SubstitutionParametersType A collection of SubstitutionParameter elements When a SubstitutionParameters collection appears as a child of a ParameterizedMonitor, it contains definitions of global substitution parameters (the values originally defined in the GSL script itself). When a SubstitutionParameters collection appears as a child of a MonitorSite element, it contains site-level Substitution Parameters (ones used only on a specific Backbone node where the monitor is deployed).