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name [element Monitorproperty]

Derived by

Type MonitorPropertyType


  • Name - The name of the test
  • Folder - The name of the folder containing the test
  • AgentType - The type of browser agent running the test—For more information, see AgentType.
  • SummaryFlag - A flag indicating whether summary-level data is generated in the data warehouse by a test execution—May be set to On or Off.
  • IncludeRenderTime - A flag indicating whether render time data is generated in the data ware house by a test execution
  • FrequencyInMins - Determines the frequency in minutes with which a test is executed. Minimum value is 5 (minutes).
  • ExpirationDate - Determines the date on which a test will no longer run.
  • IpVersion - Determines the version of IP protocol required to run the test. Valid protocols: IPv6_only, IPv4_only, and IPv6_preferred

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