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Test management API

Use the Test Management API to script test definitions to upload to Synthetic Classic. You can also create your own custom portals, using the Synthetic Classic Portal to host the tests, test data, and the Backbones where the tests are run, and to probe the users' web applications.

Implementation notes

  • This API does not cover the full functionality of browser tests. Advanced features of browser tests cannot be controlled through the API.

  • This API is not used (and may never be used) to provision non-browser tests. This includes Last Mile and Mobile agent tests.

  • This API is also not backward compatible with GSL versions older than GSL 2.0.

Test management API version 3.0

The Test Management API version 3.0 features a new method, GetTestsEx. This method returns all the active and inactive tests for Backbone, Last Mile, Private Peer, or mobile monitors for an account. For more information, see GetTestsEx.

The version 3.0 URL is:


For more information, see Test Management WSDL.

You can continue to use the previous version of this API. Access it at: