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GetResponseData response message details

This Web method returns an XML message containing:

  • Status of operation
  • Number of data records returned
  • XML subdocument containing
  • Type of data returned
  • Synthetic Classic performance dataset
Container Element Data Element/Attribute Description
Status eStatus Contains STATUS_SUCCESS or STATUS_FAILED.
sErrorMessage Contains an error message if STATUS_FAILED.
NumRecords Contains the number of records exported in the current response.
Availability The availability of the monitors in the current response
XmlDocument Contains the performance data sub document (see XSD).
CurrentTime Contains the time the request was received in GMT.
GpnResponseData MonitorDesignator Indicates the "type" of performance data exported in the current request. This reflects the MonitorClassDesignatorvalue specified in the initialization call to the OpenDataFeed service:
For more information, see OpenDataFeed Request.
Test Top level container for test information Refer to the XSD for further details. For more information, see Data Export Web Service Response XSD.