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DeleteAlertConfiguration (3.0)

This POST web method can remove a configured test level transaction failure or test level response time alert on a specified Backbone monitor.

Request parameters

To call this web service, submit the following HTTP POST request:

  • SOAP Endpoint: https://gpn.webservice.gomez.com/AlertManagementService30/AlertManagementWS.asmx
  • OPERATION: DeleteAlertConfiguration
  • SOAP ACTION: http://www.gomeznetworks.com/webservices/DeleteAlertConfiguration
  • Context
  • Credentials, as defined in the following table.
Parameter Description
UserName Dynatrace Synthetic Classic username.
Password Dynatrace Synthetic Classic password.
apitoken Dynatrace Synthetic Classic API token used in lieu of username/password.
monitorAlertConfiguration/monid Monitor ID of the monitor to be configured. Alerts are configured for one monitor at a time.
alertConfigurationTypes/alertConfigurationType Type of alert to be deleted. Value: TRAN_FAILURE and/or RESP_TIME.

Sample Request

Sample response