Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Benchmark tests — REST API

This resource returns a list of tests, based on filters passed as URL parameters.
Use this resource to obtain a list of tests belonging to the customer's account. You can select various filtering options on this call, the most common being:

  • Get all tests.
  • Get active tests.
  • Get tests for a specific category (for example, Backbone or Private Last Mile).

The data in the response will contains a variety of information about each test. The data you will probably need most is in the monitorID field, which uniquely identifies the test/monitor on the server. You use monitor IDs to retrieve results for a specific test.

Resource path

GET <server>/publicapi/rest/v1.0/benchmarks

In the resource paths above, the <server> address is

URL parameters

Name Type Required Default Description
testName String No The human readable name of the test—The API verifies that the account contains this test name.
stepName String No The name of a step—The API verifies that the test contains this step name.
testType A comma delimited list of one or more of the following: BACKBONE|LASTMILE| MOBILE|PRIVATEPEER A shortcut for all types is ALL. No ALL The type of agent used to run the test
url A URL used in any step of the test No The URL is the HTTP address of a page that is retrieved as part of a script execution. The API verifies that one of the steps contains the specified URL.
folderName String No The API verifies that tests are in folders of this name.

HTTP request header parameters

Header Name Allowed Values Required Description
Accept application/json or application/xml No Determines the content type of the response data. The API supports JSON and XML. The default is JSON.
Authentication bearer <accessToken> Yes This header is required and must contain the access token returned by a login request. The bearer keyword and space is required before the token.

Sample requests

Sample responses