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CAS or ADS smoke test

After upgrading the CAS to the latest release, conduct the following validation steps.

Review the install log file to ensure that no errors occurred during migration, especially during the database upgrade.
For CAS:


For ADS:


From the CAS or ADS main menu, open Tools ► Diagnostics and view the System Status report.


You should allow at least three hours after the upgrade to allow new data to be processed by the report server.

Review the following sections on the report:

Make sure that licences are valid and available for all decodes you require.

Make sure the current status of BULK INSERT is true.

Connection with AMDs and Probes
Make sure the CAS or ADS is able to reach all enabled AMDs and Probes.

Data processing
Check whether there is a delay in data processing (if the CAS or ADS was just started, the delay should be decreasing slowly).

Database info
Maximum possible database size on this machine: Make sure there is enough space on the drive for the database to grow if necessary.

Memory section

Make sure the CAS or ADS meets or exceeds minimum memory size requirements.

Memory caches: make sure New server/url/client/site processing stopped equals false.

(CAS) Server settings
Access Settings ► CAS ► Server Configuration and review user aggregation, client IP ranges, and site options to make sure settings were preserved.

(ADS) Small/large mode
Review the Operation Data Limit to verify that the default threshold (for operations) was not exceeded.

Review CAS reports or CAS-to-ADS drill downs.
For CAS:
Check whether historical data is present; access data for previous days, check trends, baselines, reporting groups, applications, and transactions.
For ADS:
Drill down from the CAS to an ADS report to ensure that the link to page elements is working and that ADS data is being collected.