Time to upgrade! NAM is scheduled for end of support. It's time to move to Dynatrace our all-in-one software intelligence platform.

Upgrading NAM Console

You can upgrade the console from a previous version by installing the current version of the console over the existing installation.

Be sure to follow the correct upgrade path from release to release.

Planning and preparation

  • Read the upgrade guidelines for essential planning information:
    • The general order of upgrade activities is important. For example, you must upgrade the console before installing the report server.
    • Hardware requirements and recommendations.
    • Licensing requirements, including third-party licensing. You need licenses for Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server hosting the report server software and database. You need to make decisions related to SQL Server licensing in particular.
    • Network preparation.
    • The final version of the console must be the same version as the other components of your deployment or the configuration of any new or enhanced features may not possible.

Upgrading the Console from 12.4 to 2017

See Upgrading RUM Console from 12.4 to 2017.

Upgrading the Console from NAM 2017 to NAM 2018

See Upgrading NAM Console from NAM 2017 to NAM 2018.

Upgrading the Console from NAM 2018 to NAM 2019

See Upgrading NAM Console from NAM 2018 to NAM 2019.