Time to upgrade! NAM is scheduled for end of support. It's time to move to Dynatrace our all-in-one software intelligence platform.

Upgrading NAM Probe 2018 to NAM Probe 2019

Upgrade the NAM Probe software from NAM Probe 2018 to NAM Probe 2019 using the upgrade packages provided by Dynatrace.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux note

NAM Probe 2019 requires at least Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4. If you are running NAM Probe 2018 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, you need to upgrade Red Hat Enterprise Linux first. If you are subscribed for auto-updates from RHN, your Red Hat Enterprise Linux should be updated when you upgrade the NAM Probe.

Log on to the probe machine as the root user.

Transfer NAM Probe installation program (upgrade.bin) to your Red Hat Enterprise Linux server and make it executable:

[root@AMD ~]# chmod 755 upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-19-00-00-0360-b001.bin

Test your RHEL 7 OS installation for readiness to precede with NAM Probe software installation:

[root@AMD ~]# ./upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-19-00-00-0360-b001.bin  --test-system
  • If no system readiness issues are found, you will see a summary message that finishes with a line such as
    "No missing dependencies, it is OK to install the probe software."

  • If system readiness issues are found, follow the instructions on the screen. You may be prompted to install missing software or disable services that affect probe performance. For more information, see AMD software dependencies and conflicts.

An updated Linux kernel may be installed as an effect of a software compatibility check. If this happens, a system restart is necessary so that the proper kernel version is in use. Verify that the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel is compatible with the NAM Probe software you plan to install. For more information, see Resolving Linux kernel-related compatibility issues.

Perform the NAM Probe installation. The default command for all new installations is:

[root@AMD ~]# ./upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-19-00-00-0360-b001.bin --automatic --licenses-type capacity

If you are reinstalling the NAM Probe, or if you are using the legacy licensing model (Component based), use the following installation command:

[root@AMD ~]# ./upgrade-amd-amdos7-x86_64-ndw-19-00-00-0360-b001.bin --automatic --licenses-type component

Reboot the probe to complete the installation.