Upgrade paths

The upgrade path depends on the upgrade paths for third party components, such as operating system and SQL server. Both factors have independent upgrade paths. To smoothly upgrade your deployment, you may be required to perform a mid-step upgrade of the operating system or the SQL server. Check the OS and SQL supported versions for your target release.

Upgrading from NAM 2019

Migrate to Dynatrace.

Upgrading from NAM 2018

Direct upgrade for NAM Server, NAM Console, and NAM Probe to NAM 2019.

Upgrading from DC RUM May 2017

  1. Upgrade CAS, ADS, and RUM Console to NAM 2018. We do NOT support direct upgrade to NAM 2019.
  2. Upgrade to NAM 2019.

Upgrading from DC RUM 12.4.x

Upgrade CAS, ADS and RUM Console to DC RUM May 2017 release.

  • Note CSS component is no longer present in 2017 release and user management is now handled by RUM Console

With the 2017 release, we discontinue the classic AMD architecture. Choose an option for the AMD upgrade:

High Speed AMD architecture

Classic AMD architecture

  • Recommended option: migrate from classic AMD architecture to new AMD architecture. Follow this procedure.

  • If you cannot migrate to RHEL 7.3 now, you may continue using the AMD in version 12.4 on RHEL 6 with 2017 CAS and ADS until June 30, 2018 (the 12.4 release end-of-support date) but you need to upgrade your AMD to latest available 12.4.x service pack.

Upgrade to NAM 2018 release.

Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring

You can upgrade to Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring 12.5 from the 12.3 or 12.4 release.

Releases prior to 12.3 cannot be upgraded directly to 12.4 or 12.5. If your current Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring release is earlier than 12.3, you need to upgrade to 12.3 first to get to the current release.

You will find all the installation packages you need to get to the latest release at Enterprise Synthetic downloads.

Note that this applies only to Enterprise Synthetic core components. Enterprise Synthetic 12.5 works with DC RUM 2017 and NAM 2018.

Note the end of support for VantageView, which pre-12.3 Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring installations may still be using. If your ESM deployment still uses VantageView, the VantageView - End of support page contains further information on VV's end of support.

The following Enterprise Synthetic Monitoring releases are eligible for the upgrade to Release 12.3:

  • Release 12.2
  • Release 12.0
  • Release 11.7
  • Release 11.5
  • Release 11.1
  • Release 11.0
  • Release 10.2 (must be on the latest service pack)