Install and upgrade FAQ

DC RUM 2017 RUM Console

Can’t connect to AMD from RUM

  • Details :
    We updated the AMD but it appears we can’t connect to it from RUM. We notice this in the logs.
[root@dcrumamd01 ~]# tail /usr/adlex/log/rtmgate.log

W HTTP 18-07-19 19:30:30.096 An attempt was made to authenticate the locked user "compuware"

  • Solution:
    On a newly installed 2017 AMD, the credentials for the RUM Console to connect are adlex/vantage and the compuware/vantage credentials are deprecated

After upgrading to 2017 the CSS service is still running.

  • Details:
    After upgrading to 2017 the CSS service is still running. Is it safe to uninstall CSS?

  • Solution:
    User management is now integrated with RUM Console in 2017 release. During upgrade to 2017 relesae users are migrated from CSS component to RUM Console. If this process was successfull it is safe to uninstall the CSS component now. We recommend first to disable the service, make sure users can log in to CAS and RUM console and then uninstall the old CSS service.


ADS 17.0.5 may not process data files after upgrade from 12.4.X to 17.0.5

  • Details:
    ADS 17.0.5 may not process data files after upgrade from 12.4.X to 17.0.5 directly. It should not happen when upgrading from 17.0.4 to 17.0.5.

  • Solution:
    Problem will be fixed in SP6.

  • Workaround:
    Workaround fix: call /DiagConsole#/diag on your ADS and issue command SYNCHRONIZE CONFIGURATION


Compatibility issue between SP3 and pre-SP3 versions for intra-CAS-Cluster communication

  • Applies to:
    2017 May, SP1, SP2 and SP3

  • Details:
    There is compatibility issue between SP3 and pre-SP3 versions of internal library (hazelcast) used for intra-CAS-Cluster communication. In order to avoid any issues when applying SP3 (on any < SP3 version) please take one of the two recommendations.

  • Solution:

    • apply SP3 at athe same time to all your CASes and ADSes, including Failovers, or
    • if you cannot do then above, apply the hazelcast-all-3.1.9.jar patch on less then SP3 version PRIOR starting applying SP3 anywhere.

    If you do not apply any of above two recommendations you will find your CASes not starting with the following entries in the server.log:

  E FARM	18-01-12 13:34:55.635	com.hazelcast.nio.serialization.
  Problem while reading DataSerializable, namespace: 0, id: 0,
  class: com.hazelcast.partition.CheckReplicaVersion

New version of hazelcast library

2017 May SP3 (and newer) release comes with a new version of hazelcast library. This library is used by cluster node servers (CAS and ADS) to communicate with each other. The new hazelcast libary is of version 3.1.9 in SP5 which is incompatible with hazelcast 3.1.4 included in SP2 and earlier versions of 2017 release.

Therefore, it is required to install SP5 on all cluster node servers (master + slave servers) during the same maintenance window (all or none) as if some nodes stay on SP2 (or earlier versions of 2017) they will not be able to communicate with other nodes that are already on SP5 in the same cluster.

Timeout during CAS DB upgrade

Timeout during CAS DB upgrade while performing SQL queries from adlex.rtm.repository.upgrade.DictionaryConsistencyFixUpgrade task.

T DB 18-03-14 20:27:15.804 Upgrade using class adlex.rtm.repository.upgrade.DictionaryConsistencyFixUpgrade
T RTM 18-03-14 20:27:15.804 Executing dictionary diagnostic scripts...
T RTM 18-03-14 20:27:15.804 Executing SQL script: loc-no-parent-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:27:15.904 Executing SQL script: dup-urlattr-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:27:57.604 Executing SQL script: dup-url-show.sql
T DB 18-03-14 20:29:38.475 0 row(s) affected
T RTM 18-03-14 20:29:38.476 Executing SQL script: dup-srv-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:30:19.658 Executing SQL script: srv-no-url-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:31:17.988 Executing SQL script: srv-no-loc-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:31:20.621 Executing SQL script: sess-no-loc-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:32:12.017 Executing SQL script: sess-no-srv-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:36:02.159 Executing SQL script: dup-clidesc-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:36:04.125 Executing SQL script: dup-cli-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:36:07.686 Executing SQL script: nameless-cli-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:36:08.539 Executing SQL script: sess-no-cli-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:40:12.392 Executing SQL script: rule-no-serv-svr-url-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:40:12.424 Executing SQL script: uem-sess-show.sql
T RTM 18-03-14 20:40:13.024 Executing dictionary fix scripts...
T RTM 18-03-14 20:40:13.024 Executing SQL script: all-backup.sql
T DB 18-03-14 20:41:44.251 9636443 row(s) affected7850520 row(s) affected7859404 row(s)
T RTM 18-03-14 20:41:44.252 Executing SQL script: loc-no-parent-fix.sql
T DB 18-03-14 20:41:44.450 0 row(s) affected0 row(s) affected
T RTM 18-03-14 20:41:44.451 Executing SQL script: dup-urlattr-fix.sql
T DB 18-03-14 21:05:06.160 0 row(s) affected0 row(s) affected0 row(s) affected
T RTM 18-03-14 21:05:06.161 Executing SQL script: dup-url-fix.sql
T DB 18-03-14 21:06:48.269 0 row(s) affected0 row(s) affected
T RTM 18-03-14 21:06:48.270 Executing SQL script: dup-srv-fix.sql
E ADM 18-03-14 21:36:48.429 java.sql.SQLTimeoutException: The query has timed out.
 at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.wait(
 at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.TdsCore.executeSQL(
 at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.JtdsStatement.executeSQL(
 at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.JtdsStatement.executeImpl(
 at net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.JtdsStatement.execute(
 at adlex.rtm.dictionary.diag.DictionaryConsistencyService.execScript(
 at adlex.rtm.dictionary.diag.DictionaryConsistencyService.fixDatabaseConsistency(
 at adlex.rtm.repository.upgrade.DictionaryConsistencyFixUpgrade.upgrade(

Results in displaying a warning message. Timeout was extended to 1 hour in 17.0.5 and that should fix the problem.