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Using and maintaining software service definitions based on universal decode

There is a number of things you need to remember when managing software service definitions based on the Universal Decode analyzer. In particular, you need to be able to place the underlying Universal Decode scripts.

Monitoring universal decode data status

The meaning of green/red status of Universal Decode data in the NAM Console is as follows:

  • green
    It has been possible to verify the presence of any potential Universal Decode scripts. Note that the status will remain green, even if there are not scripts found on the NAM Probe: the status color green signifies only that access has been given to the correct folders.

  • red
    It was not possible to verify if any Universal Decode scripts reside on the NAM Probe.

Copying universal decode software service definitions between NAM Probes

When copying Universal Decode software service definitions to another NAM Probe, using the NAM Console, script files will not be copied automatically and if the target does not have the given script, then the NAM Console will refuse to copy the service.

Universal decode scripts currently provided with the NAM Probe

Scripts for the analysis of the following protocols are currently provided with the NAM Probe:

  • JBoss

See other Community-supported scripts available for download from Universal Decode Implementations. You need to sign in to the Dynatrace Support Center to access the page.

Maintaining universal decode scripts

After receiving a new or updated script, you need to place it in the correct folder and verify that it is operating correctly. If a script of a different name it to be used, you need to modify the corresponding software service definition. For more information, see Configuring Options for the Universal Decode software service..

After installing the new or modified script, you should verify that your reports showing Universal Decode data are delivering required information. The Universal Decode analyzer will provide operation names for recognized TCP packet exchanges. These operation names can be viewed in your report server, just like operation names for any other analyzer. To narrow down your results, you can use the analyzer as a filter when defining your report.