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Defining SSL error names

SSL connection setup errors are aggregated into groups by the NAM Probe according to the NAM Probe configuration. The aggregated errors appear on reports as “SSL error 1”, “SSL error 2”, and “Other SSL errors”.

Before you begin

Administrative privileges are required to access the Advanced Properties Editor.

Under normal circumstances, use the Customized names configuration tool to configure the SSL error names, but if that is not possible, use the Advanced Properties Editor on the report server instead.

Customizing error names

To customize these default names, change the report server configuration in the Advanced Properties Editor in Diagnostic Console:

  1. Open and log on to the report server.
  2. Open the Diagnostic Console.
    In your web browser address field, enter: http://[NAM Server_ADDRESS]/diagconsole
  3. In the Diagnostic Console, select Advanced Properties Editor.
  4. Click the right arrow to page to the SSL error names section.
  5. Type the new error names.
    • SSL Error level 1 name (SSL_ERR.1)
    • SSL Error level 2 name (SSL_ERR.2)
    • Other SSL Errors name (SSL_ERR.3)
  6. Click Save to save your changes.