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Monitoring SSL-encoded traffic without decryption

There are alternatives on the market to installing private keys on NAM Probes, including dedicated SSL accelerators and SSL-terminating load balancers. If the NAM Probe is connected to the network behind an SSL terminating device, the NAM Probe sees plain and unencrypted traffic that can be analyzed without any additional setup.

Network Application Monitoring provides a subset of SSL-specific metrics for SSL traffic with no decryption required. This includes SSL Connection Setup Time, SSL Handshake Errors, and performance gauge metrics that estimate Operation Time and Server Think Time . Also, all the network performance and usage metrics are available, such as RTT, loss rate, bandwidth usage, and throughput. When SSL private keys are installed, the NAM Probe is able to perform three additional tasks:

  • Report HTTP errors and application-specific errors signaled in HTML content.

  • Identify and count unique website users by user name.

  • Report performance metrics for identified, designated, SSL-encoded URLs, and application functions such as forms.