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Migrating from OpenSSL to using SSL hardware accelerator

Before you begin

If you have been using OpenSSL decoding on the NAM Probe to perform analysis of SSL traffic, and have subsequently upgraded your NAM Probe to support an SSL hardware accelerator card, you need to re-configure the NAM Probe to use the new card. The following steps outline the required procedure to perform after the NAM Probe has been upgraded. Refer to Upgrading the NAM Probe software and to SSL Hardware Accelerator Cards for details of how to upgrade the NAM Probe and install and configure a particular hardware accelerator card.

The benefits of using a hardware accelerator card are, among others, increased speed and security. Note, however, that some cards have limited ability to export RSA private keys, thus making it difficult to re-migrate back to OpenSSL or to another card.


  1. Upgrade your NAM Probe to support the new hardware accelerator card.
    See Upgrading the NAM Probe software.
  2. Install and configure a hardware accelerator card.
    See SSL Hardware Accelerator Cards.
  3. Configure NAM Probe to use the installed accelerator card for SSL decryption.
    Configure the NAM Probe to use the card, by specifying to SSL engine name in the NAM Probe configuration. For more information, see Selecting and configuring SSL engine and SSL Hardware Accelerator Cards.
  4. Import RSA private keys to the accelerator cards.