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Configuration history

Manage configuration ► Configuration history Use the device configuration history screen to review a list of configuration changes that were made to a device through the NAM Console.

This is strictly a configuration file comparison: it compares one version of a configuration file to another version of the same file and shows you the differences made during one configuration change event. You cannot use this tool to edit the configuration files.

Opening a configuration history

  1. On the NAM Console menu, select Manage configuration ► Configuration history.
  2. Find the device whose configuration history you want to view.
  3. In the Actions column, click Open.

Alternative navigation

  1. On the NAM Console menu, select Deployment ► Manage devices.
  2. In the Devices list, find the device whose history you want to review.
  3. Open the device menu and select Show configuration history.

Exploring a configuration history

The viewer opens to display the changes made during one configuration change event to one configuration file.

  • Each change event is displayed in the left column as a time stamp and a user name.
  • The name of the configuration file currently displayed is shown as a selection in the list.


  • To switch to a different change event, click the event in the left column.
  • To see changes in a different configuration file within the currently selected change event, select another file from the list.
  • To navigate from change to change within the currently selected file, click the up and down buttons in the upper right of the viewer.
  • To download the currently selected configuration file, click Download file.