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Applies to NAM 2019+

Use the Certificates tool in NAM to review and manage your NAM certificates.

  1. Select Housekeeping > Maintenance from the navigation menu.
  2. Open the Certificates tile.

For NAM Console SSL certificate management details, see How to configure SSL for NAM Console 2019.

Server private key

This section shows details of the current server private key.

  • Algorithm
  • Format
  • MD5 hash

Server certificates chain

This section shows details on each certificate in the certificate chain.

  • Valid For - describes the server to which this certificate applies.
  • Issued By - identifies the organization that issued the certificate.
  • Not Valid Before and Not Valid After - identify when the certificate is valid.
  • Serial Number - the unique serial number of the certificate.
  • Signing Algorithm - the algorithm used for certificate verification.
  • Subject alternative names - other server names to which this certificate applies.

Click Delete to remove a certificate from this chain.

Managing certificates

  • Click Generate CSR to create and submit a certificate signing request (CSR)
  • Click Generate certificate to generate a self-signed SSL certificate.
  • Click Upload certificates to upload a certificate file to the NAM Console.
  • Click Reset to the previous state to roll back your changes.
  • Click Save to KeyStore to write your changes.