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Housekeeping > Maintenance from the NAM Console navigation menu.

Applies to NAM 2018+

These tools and commands are primarily for enabling Support and Development to conduct NAM Console auditing and maintenance tasks. They are not intended for general use.

  • Logback's loggers
    This allows you to change the log levels for certain NAM Console components. Before 18.0, you need to manually edit the logback.xml file to enable or disable more detailed logging.
    NAM Console maintenance - Loggers

  • Log Viewer
    Opens the Log Viewer screen.
    You no longer need to log in to the NAM Console machine directly to inspect logs. Now you can do it through Log Viewer.
    NAM Console maintenance - Log Viewer

  • Metrics
    This tool enables Support and Development to quickly diagnose the customer problems. We provide a set of metrics for certain NAM Console components that help us diagnose problems in performance and other areas.
    NAM Console maintenance - Metrics

  • Sessions
    A track of NAM Console user sessions to assist in diagnostics.
    NAM Console maintenance - Sessions

  • Patches
    This tool will enable Support to apply NAM Console patches as needed.
    NAM Console maintenance - Patches

  • SSO metadata
    This is a diagnostics and maintenance tool for SSO. Under normal conditions, its functions are all managed automatically. For more information, see SSO metadata.
    NAM Console maintenance - SSO

  • Service providers
    Use the Service Providers Management page to review and manage the list of SSO service providers.

  • Delete all drafts
    Deletes draft configurations from all devices.
    NAM Console maintenance - Delete all drafts

  • Alert JSON
    Use this page to edit alert JSON and submit it to the alert wizard.

  • REST API Explorer
    Applies to NAM 2019+

    Use the NAM Console Public REST API to manage NAM alerts, NAM configuration state, and software services through public API calls.

  • Cache Inspector
    Applies to NAM 2019+

    This is a diagnostics and maintenance tool. Under normal conditions, its functions are all managed automatically.

  • Certificates
    Applies to NAM 2019+

    Use Certificates to manage SSL certificates.

  • Export/import
    Applies to NAM 2019+

    Use Export/import to download and upload configuration files.

  • Restart NAM Console
    This command has the same effect as restarting the NAM Console system service, but without the need to connect directly to the NAM Console machine. Support might use it in conjunction with patch installation or if the NAM Console becomes unresponsive.
    NAM Console maintenance - Restart