Tools menu section

Use the commands in the Tools section of the NAM Console menu is split into two main sections.


  • Maintenance displays a toolbox for console maintenance.
    For more information, see Maintenance.
  • Recorded traffic opens a list of all traffic traces. From there, you can start, stop, or examine a trace.
    For more information, see Recorded traffic.
  • Export console diagnostics creates a zip file of diagnostics.

Manage configuration

  • Backup console configuration creates a backup file of the configurations for all devices, DPN accounts, and proxy settings.
  • Import console configuration restores configurations for all devices, DPN accounts, and proxy settings from a backup you created with the Backup console configuration command.
  • Export software services list creates a CSV (comma-separated values) file describing all software services from all NAM Probes.
  • Configuration history shows an audit trail of configuration actions on devices managed by this console deployment.