Tiers, applications and transactions

Use the Business units page to add, edit, delete, export, and import your business units configuration.

Open the Business units page from the NAM Server (APM model > Business units) or the NAM Console (Monitoring > Business units and then select a NAM Server from the list).

Farm configurations

If you are configuring business units in a farm configuration, select the master NAM Server in the configuration.


  • To add a business unit, select Add and select a category for the thing you want to add.
  • To edit a business unit, use the list controls and search box to find and select a category, then select an entry to edit.
  • To delete a business unit, find and select the item you wan to delete and then select Delete.
  • To export the selected NAM Server's business units configuration to a file, select Export.
  • To import a business units configuration to the selected NAM Server, select Import and paste the configuration into the edit box.

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