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Adding a software service using a packaged application

Monitoring ► Software services, then click Add software service and select Using packaged applications

Use this option to monitor SAP, Oracle E-business Suite, Siebel, or Exchange traffic using a simplified configuration and reporting templates.


See Software services for beginners for more information on choosing a software service creation method.

To define a packaged application, provide the application type, define services, and select the application modules.

On the NAM Console navigation menu

select Monitoring ► Software services.

Click the Add software service button.
The Add software service window is displayed with three options:

  • With wizard
  • Manually
  • Using packaged applications.

Add software service

In the Using packaged applications section, click

The Package Application screen is displayed.

Select how you want to configure monitoring of your application (automatic or manual)

  • Automatically discover applications.
    If you choose this option, you need to record a trace file that NAM will analyze.
  • Manually select application types.
    If you choose this option, you need select configuration parameters manually. See below for more.


  1. Click Next.
    The configuration options are displayed.
  2. Select how you want to monitor this traffic.
    • Application type
      Click a button to select the application type and change the available configuration options accordingly.
    • Application name
      Give your service the name under which it will be searched, sorted, and listed.
    • Select NAM Probes that will be used for application monitoring
      The addresses and port numbers of the NAM Probes that will monitor this traffic.
    • Define how application services will be monitored
      Click a button in a monitoring category to specify the address and port for monitoring that category.
      If there is an existing software service to use, you can select it here.
  3. Click Next.
    The summary page is displayed.
  4. Click Apply to apply your changes or click Previous to go back and change your configuration.


  1. In the Select traffic traces section, select at least one recorded trace, or click Record Traffic to record a trace now, and then click Next.
  2. From the detected traffic types, select the type you want to monitor, give it a name, and then click Next.
  3. On the summary page, review the software service configuration.
    1. If everything looks good, click Next to proceed.
    2. If there is a problem, click Edit configuration to correct the problem and then click OK.
  4. After the service is added, check the summary one last time to be sure you have configured the service you need.
  5. Click Apply to apply your changes or click Previous to go back and change your configuration.