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Adding a software service manually

Monitoring ► Software services, then click Add software service and select Manually

Use this method to manually define a software service.


See Software services for beginners for more information on choosing a software service creation method.

You will need

  • Familiarity with your network and monitoring environment.
  • The latest version of the NAM Server added and configured in the NAM Console.
  • The latest version of the NAM Server added and configured in the NAM Console and connected to your NAM Server.

To create a new software service definition manually:

In the NAM Console navigation menu

select Monitoring ► Software services.

Click the Add software service button.
The Add software service window is displayed with three options:

  • With wizard
  • Manually
  • Using packaged applications.

Add software service

In the Manually section, click

The Add Software Service screen is displayed.

On the Add Software Service screen:

In the Name box, give your software service a name.
Your software service will be listed and sorted under this name in the list of software service definitions.

In the Analyzer list, select the analyzer that your software service will use to analyze traffic.

In the Apply to Devices list, select the devices to which this rule should apply.
By default, your rule is applied to all NAM Servers (all NAM Server check boxes are selected), so you need to clear the check box for any NAM Server on which you do not want to apply this rule.

Click OK.
The Rules table is displayed.

In the Rules table, right-click and select Add from the menu.
The Rule Configuration - Edit Rule screen is displayed.

In the Rule description box, type a name for this rule, such as "My data center HTTPS traffic" to identify it to you.

In the Services table, right-click and select Add from the menu.
The Service Details window is displayed.

Type the address (or address range) and port (or port range) to monitor.


For details on adding rules, see Configuring rules for user-defined software services.

Click OK to close the screen.
Now your rule is listed in the Rules table.

Click OK again to add the software service and return to the Add software service window.

Add another service or click Cancel to close the window.