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Software services

Monitoring > Software services from the NAM Console navigation menu.

Use the Software services screen in the NAM Console to view and edit the software service definitions and rules.


If you're new to software services, read Software services for beginners.

Access alternatives:

  • Click the dashboard icon at the top of the NAM Console screen
    NAM Console dashboard
    and click the Software services tile
  • Open the NAM Console menu
    NAM Console menu
    and select Monitoring ► Software services

If you select a software service in the table, Configuration and Deployment boxes for the selected service are displayed below the list.


A software service is a service implemented by a specific piece of software, offered on a TCP or UDP port of one or more servers, and identified by a particular TCP port number. Software services are identified on reports by assigned names.

These directions apply to all of the software services, whether they were created with the wizard or created manually in the NAM Console. Note, however, that you must manually change settings such as URL auto-learning, custom metrics, and character encoding.

For full details on configuring software services on the NAM Probe, see NAM Probe Configuration - Software Services.

Software services table

The Software services table (Monitoring > Software services from the NAM Console navigation menu) lists all defined software services and is the starting point for defining and editing software services.

To filter the table, click in the Filter software services box at the top of the table, select a table column name from the list, and then select or type a filter value. For example, click in the box and select Software service name, and then type test to list only the software services whose names include the string test.

Table columns

  • Software service name - The name you give the software services. Select Actions > Rename to change the name of an existing service.
  • Analyzer - The software service analyzer for this service. You select this when you create or edit a service.
  • License issues - The license status for this service/analyzer: either No issues or a brief status message.
  • Status - Can be Enabled, Disabled, or Partially disabled (if you have defined more than one rule for this service and the associated rules are not all enabled or all disabled, the status is Partially disabled).
  • Actions - Opens a menu of commands for that row's software service: Rename, Copy, or Delete.

Enabling or disabling a software service rule

To enable or disable a software service rule

  1. In the Software services table, select the software service.
    This lists all rules for that software service in the Configuration list below the table of software services.
  2. In the Configuration list, select Actions > Edit manually for the rule you want to enable or disable.
    This opens the Edit Rule page for the selected rule.
  3. On the Edit Rule page, select or clear the Enabled check box.

Adding a software service definition

To add a software service

  1. Open the Software Services screen.
  2. Click the Add software service button.
    The Add software service window is displayed.
  3. Choose a method (see below) and click
    Select method


With wizard

Choose this option to monitor HTTP or HTTPS traffic (which can include SOAP or XML).

  • The wizard will walk you through HTTP or HTTPS software service definition step by step.
  • You can capture a traffic trace from within the wizard to help you verify your configuration and create rules to extract the reported elements and user names.

See Adding a software service with the wizard for details.

Using packaged applications

Choose this option to monitor SAP, Siebel, Microsoft Exchange 2013, or Oracle e-Business Suite traffic.

  • With this option, you will apply simple configuration and reporting templates for monitoring one of the listed traffic types.
  • You will need to provide a traffic trace (or capture one using the wizard) to complete the configuration.

See Adding a software service using a packaged application for details.


Choose this option if the other options do not meet your needs and you are an experienced product user.

  • This option opens the Add Software Service screen, where you can manually define a software service.

See Adding a software service manually for details.

Editing a software service definition

To provide a new name for a software service

  1. In the row corresponding to the selected software service, click Actions and select Rename.
  2. Edit the name in that row.

To monitor a software service with another device

  1. Select the software service in the table.
  2. Click Change Assignment in the Deployment section.
    The Assign NAM Probes to the Software Service window is displayed.
  3. Use the > and < controls to move NAM Probes between the Unassigned NAM Probes list and the NAM Probes that monitor the software service list.

Editing a software service rule

To edit a software service rule

  1. In the table of software services, select the software service.
    The rules for the selected software service are displayed in the Configuration section under the table.
  2. In the Configuration section, click Actions and select an editing option.
    • Edit with wizard (not available for all software services)
    • Edit manually

Adding a rule to an existing software service

To add another rule to the existing software service

  1. Select a software service definition by clicking it once. The software service rules are displayed in the Configuration section.
  2. In the Configuration section, click the Add Rule button.