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Importing site definitions

You can import site definitions from a file into your NAM Server.

  1. Write the definitions in a text editor.
  2. Save the file as a backup.
  3. Copy and paste the contents of the file into the Import screen on the NAM Server.

This command is available only to users with administrator rights.


You can define sites manually, one by one, as needed.

See Locations for instructions.

Importing site hierarchy (site, area, region) definitions

On the NAM Server, open the Administration console.

In the Configuration management column, click Import sites (manual only).
An empty edit window is displayed. The Import button is disabled until you enter syntactically correct site definitions.

Enter the site definitions as described here.
Note: there are JSON and YAML options if you prefer. See Format options below.


For example, you might define a site called "New England" by the following IP address range, area name, and region name:

New England=
New England.area=East Coast
New England.region=USA

Click Import.

The syntax is verified before the sites are added to the server configuration.

  • If everything goes well, the editor displays the message: "Successfully imported sites hierarchy"
  • Any invalid definitions are rejected

If you already have sites defined that you now want to tweak:

  1. Use the Export sites (manual only) command to export the definitions into any or all of the three supported formats.
  2. Edit the exported definitions in a text editor.
  3. Copy and paste the edited definitions into the Import sites (manual only) command's edit window.

You can also import a sites configuration you previously exported in the NAM Console using the CSV format.

Format options

You can import and export site definitions in any of three formats: JSON, YAML, or Properties. The editor will automatically check your syntax and detect the format. You just need to provide the text.


To convert your current site definitions from one format to another:

  1. On the NAM Server, open the Administration console.
  2. Click Export sites and select the format to which you want to export the site definitions.
    All of the site definitions for that NAM Server are displayed in a browser window.
  3. Select and copy the site definitions.
  4. Optional: Paste the site definitions into a text editor, where you can edit them and save them to make a backup.
  5. Paste the site definitions into the Import sites screen.
  6. Edit the site definitions as needed.
  7. Click Import.

Here is the same site defined in the three different formats. All three examples do the same thing.

JSON syntax example

    "type": "region",
    "name": "USA",
    "read-only": false,
    "areas": [
        "type": "area",
        "name": "East Coast",
        "read-only": false,
        "sites": [
            "type": "site",
            "name": "New England",
            "comment": "",
            "subtype": "Manual",
            "isUDL": false,
            "isWAN": false,
            "dnsTimestamp": 0,
            "dns": "",
            "aux": "",
            "domains": [
                "first": "",
                "last": ""
            "read-only": false

YAML syntax example

- type: region
  name: USA
  read-only: false
  - type: area
    name: East Coast
    read-only: false
    - type: site
      name: New England
      comment: ''
      subtype: Manual
      isUDL: false
      isWAN: false
      dnsTimestamp: 0
      dns: ''
      aux: ''
      - first:
      read-only: false

Properties syntax example

New England=
New England.area=East Coast
New England.region=USA