Add device

Deployment ► Manage devices, click Add Device

Use the NAM Console to add and configure NAM Probes and NAM Servers before you monitor traffic with NAM.

Adding a device

On the Devices tab of the Manage Devices screen, click the Add device button. The Add device window is displayed.

From the Device type list, select the device type that you are adding.

If you are selecting Dynatrace SaaS/Managed, skip to here.

In the Description box, type a description of the device.

We recommend that you include the parent device name in the description of each device you add, and to add these names consistently. This enables you to easily find your device in the list.

Specifying the connection details

  1. In the IP address box, type the device IP address.
    When you add a NAM Server installed on the same machine as the NAM Console, provide the device network address and not the localhost address, such as (IPv4) or ::1 (IPv6).

  2. In the Port number box, type the port number for communication with this device.

    The standard port numbers used by servers and data collectors when communicating over HTTP are:

    • 80
      NAM Server. Note that you must not add or edit the slave members working in the server clusters.
    • 9004
      LAN or WAN Probe
    • 9008
      Flow Collector
    • 9014
      Enterprise Synthetic Agent Manager
    • 8020
      Dynatrace AppMon Server

    The standard port numbers used by servers and data collectors when communicating over HTTPS (secure HTTP) are:

    • 443
      NAM Probe
      Dynatrace Managed cluster or SaaS tenant.
    • 8021
      Dynatrace AppMon Server
  3. Select Use secure connection if you want to use HTTPS (secure HTTP) for communication between the console and the device you are adding.

Providing authentication details

  1. For NAM Server devices only: Choose whether to authenticate using the NAM Console.
  2. Type the user name and password of the account used to manage the device.
    By default, the NAM Probe user is set to adlex and the password is set to vantage.
    The credentials you enter for a NAM Probe are used by the NAM Console to communicate with the device. They are also passed to NAM Probes to collect monitoring data for processing. The authentication values are not equal to the values you use for logging in to the device via SSH or local console.

Authorizing access to Dynatrace SaaS/Managed

To add Dynatrace SaaS/Managed as your device, you need to provide its URL and a Dynatrace-generated API token to authorize the connection between NAM Server and Dynatrace. You can copy/paste a token or import one automatically. In both cases, you need to be able to sign in as Dynatrace SaaS/Managed administrator.

Configuring advanced settings

  1. Optional: Under Secondary IP address, provide an alternative IP address for this device.

Testing and finishing your configuration

  1. Check Test information to see if your connection parameters worked.
    If your configuration fails the test, you can go back and adjust your settings. If the device fails to respond correctly, it may take several seconds before the test times out.
  2. Click Finish to save the configuration.