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Deployment ► Licensing

Use the Licensing screen to review and manage current licenses.

Access alternatives:

  • Click the dashboard icon at the top of the NAM Console
    NAM Console dashboard
    and click the Licensing tile
    NAM Console dashboard Licensing
  • Open the NAM Console navigation menu and select Deployment ► Licensing

Viewing license statuses

This screen shows a row for each license. Click a license row to see details for that license.

See Licensing for an overview of license management.

Manage licenses

On the Licensing screen, click the Manage licenses button to select a license management mode:

License server proxy

To specify the proxy server connection settings used for eServices (licensing) and Dynatrace SaaS:

  1. Select Deployment > Settings or Deployment > Licensing in the NAM Console navigation menu, and then select Edit proxy settings.

  2. Choose whether to use a proxy server: No proxy or Manual proxy configuration.

  3. To use a proxy server, you must enter the Host and Port.

  4. To use authentication on the proxy server, select Enable authentication and enter the User name and Password.

  5. Select Next to save and test your settings.
    If you need to adjust your configuration after the test, select Previous to return to the settings.