Service Providers Management

Applies to NAM 2018+

Housekeeping > Maintenance, then click the Service Providers tile.

For general information about SSO, see Single sign-on (SSO) in NAM.

In general practice, this screen is purely informational, but it may be of use within a testing or debugging context for SSO. It is not part of the typical workflow.

This screen lists all registered SSO service providers, which in this context are all the NAM Server instances associated with this NAM Console installation.

When you add a NAM Server to your NAM Console, it is also automatically added here. You should not have to add or delete a NAM Server manually.

Information provided:

  • Name
    The name you gave the service provider (NAM Server) when you added it.
  • Entity ID
    The identifier you gave the service provider when you added it.
  • Active
    Status of the service. Click the switch to change the setting.
  • Delete
    Click Delete to delete the service from the list.