Use the NAM Console dashboard for quick access to frequently used NAM Console screens.

Opening the dashboard

You can open the NAM Console dashboard in two ways:

  • Click the dashboard icon at the top of the NAM Console screen
  • or open the NAM Console menu and select Dashboard from the menu.

Using the dashboard

Use the dashboard tiles for one-click access to important and frequently used NAM Console functionality. The tiles are big for easy access on mobile devices.

  • Devices
    To configure NAM devices such as the NAM Server or NAM Probe.
  • Software services
    NAM Console dashboard Software Services
    To view and edit the software service definitions and software service rules.
  • Locations
    NAM Console dashboard Locations
    To view and edit site definitions.
  • Operation sequences
    Operation Sequences
    To manage operation sequences that are defined on an individual NAM Probe or manage each transaction that is monitored by a group of NAM Probes.
  • Technical hierarchy
    NAM Console dashboard Technical Hierarchy
    To add or edit a reporting hierarchy definition.
  • Business hierarchy
    NAM Console dashboard Business Hierarchy
    To manage new and existing business units.
  • Alerts
    NAM Console dashboard Alerts
    To manage alert definitions.
  • Users
    NAM Console dashboard Users
    To add, edit, and delete user accounts.
  • Licensing
    NAM Console dashboard Licensing
    To review and manage current licenses.
  • User name pseudonymization
    To configure user name pseudonymization (encryption).
  • My profile
    My Profile
    To review and manage your own user account settings.