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User-protocol mapping

NAM Console ► Deployment ► Manage devices, select NAM Server ► Open configuration, then select User-protocol mapping

Use this screen to map user names or client IP addresses to protocol IDs of synthetic agents.

A synthetic agent is a simulator of user traffic to a given website. It is designed to measure website availability and performance. Synthetic agents are usually distributed over a number of different geographical locations. If no relevant information can be extracted from the HTTP header, recognition of synthetic agents can also be performed based on the IP address or user name.

The syntax of the property value is:

userName1=procotolID_1; userName2=protocolID_2;...; ip:ipAddress1=procotolID_11; ip:ipAddress2=procotolID_12

The prefix ip: indicates that the client IP address is being mapped; otherwise, a user name is assumed. The wildcard character (*) can be used in user names or IP addresses; protocolID can be a number or a name of an agent. Names are case insensitive.

See Protocols user agents for instructions on using the Protocols/user agents tool to

  • List all recognized IP protocols and user agents (so-called synthetic traffic) with the corresponding numerical representations in the ID column
  • Change the aggregation setting for a protocol
  • Add new protocols