Data sources and destinations

NAM Console ► Deployment ► Manage devices, select NAM Server ► Open configuration, then select Data stream

The report server must be configured to use specific data sources as its data feed before it can receive data. The Data stream table lists data sources assigned to this report server.

Adding a data source

To assign a new data source to the report server,

  1. Click the Change assignment button.
    The Assign data streams window is displayed.
  2. Use the arrow buttons, or drag and drop, to move a data source from the Available data streams list to the Assigned data streams list (or vice versa to remove a data source).
  3. Click Apply.

Editing a data source

  1. In the row for the data source you want to edit, click Actions and select Edit from the menu.
    The Edit data stream window is displayed. The screen you see depends on the device and the current configuration.
  2. Edit the data source assignment.
  3. This is where you can configure the secondary device (Failover tab) and specify the authentication settings for the primary source and secondary sources, define the data source alias and set the priority for the data source.

Other actions

Using the Actions menu for each of the assigned data sources, you can:

  • Edit the data source assignment, as described above.
  • Enable data stream
    Sets the Data stream flag to Yes thus enabling traffic data gathering from the device.
  • Disable data stream
    Sets the Data Feed flag to No and disables the device. While the parameter information for the device remains, the device itself is not sending traffic monitoring data to this server.
  • Manage Primary Data Source
    Adds this server-attached device to a NAM Console device list from which you can manage the configurations for that device. For more information, see Add Device.
  • Delete
    Removes the selected device from the attached devices list for that server.