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NAM Server device configuration

You can set certain NAM Server options using the NAM Console. Once you add the report server, use the settings described below to configure it. This central location for configuring these options for a report server is beneficial when you administer clusters of report servers. Other NAM Server configuration screens are generally available through the NAM Server menu.

  • Synchronization options
    Select Synchronization Options to determine synchronization of NAM Servers working together in a farm.
  • Data stream
    Select Data stream to select data sources for this NAM Server.
  • Server configuration
    Select Server configuration to configure basic settings for this NAM Server.
  • Sending mail
    Select Sending mail to configure email settings for this server, including SMTP server address and sender address.
  • Report mailing management
    Select Report mailing management to configure report mailings for this NAM Server.
  • User-protocol mapping
    Select User-protocol mapping to map user names or client IP addresses to protocol IDs of synthetic agents.
  • Business hours
    Select Business hours to specify business hours for this NAM Server.
  • Reporting server configuration
    Select Reporting server configuration to manage the list of DMI data sources and switch reporting-only mode on or off.
  • Locations
    Select Locations to organize networks into sites, regions, and areas.
  • Baselines and trends
    Select Baselines and trends to set how baselines are calculated.
  • Tenants
    Select Tenants to configure the NAM Server to process data from only a selection of the tenants configured on the NAM Probes assigned to it.
  • Dynatrace SaaS/Managed data export
    Select Dynatrace SaaS/Managed data export to control the scope of NAM monitoring data exported to Dynatrace SaaS/Managed.