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Global - WAN optimization

WAN optimization adjustment in NAM is designed to make your deployment aware of WAN optimization in the network and able to rectify measurements that might be skewed by optimization.

NAM is capable of collecting and reporting numerous metrics based on monitored network traffic within your network infrastructure. When these metrics are used in an optimized WAN environment, however, their calculations must be adjusted to account for the presence of WAN optimization. NAM does so by detecting optimized traffic on WAN links and recalculating network metrics respecting WAN optimization.

NAM Probe deployment

The typical deployment, in which a NAM Probe is connected on both sides of the data center WOC, makes it possible to observe the network traffic before and after it is optimized. This deployment requires the ports destined for WAN optimization to be spanned on both sides of the WOC so the traffic destined for optimization and traffic already optimized is available to the NAM Probe. With this information, NAM is able to correlate WAN packets and adjust metrics by utilizing the Application Delivery Channel Delay (ADCD) metric.

Figure 1. Single NAM Probe Monitoring Both Sides of a WAN Optimization Controller

WAN opt solution WAE
WAN opt solution WAE

The transaction measurements performed on an unoptimized link are adjusted based on measurements taken on the optimized link. In protocols involving more than one operation in a single connection, the NAM Probe correlates optimized packets with operations.

Using this single NAM Probe configuration, NAM performs the following adjustments:

  • Correlate WAN packets The report server correlates WAN packets belonging to a specific transaction.

  • Introduce the Application Delivery Channel Delay metric. If protocol or application traffic does not allow for packet correlation, Dynatrace uses the ADCD metric to adjust network and WAN metrics.


    WAN Optimization metrics added to the standard DMI report may alter the values of certain metrics. For example, a report displaying Total bytes for a specific software service, will display a different value for the same Total bytes metric if that report contains metrics associated with optimized WAN. Adding a WAN Optimization metric to the report widens the perspective of that report and as such, the report then displays the WAN Optimization metrics combined with values observed locally. As a result, a duplication of some metric values occurs.

To configure your deployment to monitor WAN optimized traffic, go to:

NAM Console ► NAM Probe Configuration ► Global ► WAN Optimization

The in-path deployment requires that the WOC be connected to the LAN-side device (datacenter backbone switch) and the corresponding WAN-side device (router).

All other traffic

The Treat all other traffic as setting allows you to specify how the rest of the observed network traffic should be classified.