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Other protocols monitoring - MSRPC

In the MSRPC section you set parameters specific to monitoring MSRPC-based software services.


To view information about MSRPC failures in DMI reports, access the Availability tab and configure the appearance of a specific failure type in a DMI report.

You can configure MSRPC availability globally or at the software services

For global configuration, open NAM Console ► Deployment ► Manage devices, NAM Probe Configuration ► Open configuration, Global ► Other Protocols Monitoring ► MSRPC ► Availability. For the software service level, select the Availability tab in the Edit Rule window.

The following failure types are provided from which you can choose to enable or disable their appearance.

Failures (transport)

No response

Incomplete response. Incomplete response. A hit with no response from a server. Disabled by default.

Aborted response

Incomplete response. A response aborted by the user. Enabled by default.

RPC errors

The NAM Probe is able to deliver information on three RPC error groups (“categories”).

  • RPC server errors
  • RPC security errors
  • RPC protocol errors

Fault Domain Isolation

Use the following threshold settings to accurately identify the true source of the problem:

  • Server time threshold
    The server time portion of an overall operation time. Server times above the threshold limit are considered to be slow due to poor data center performance.
  • Idle time threshold
  • Network time threshold
  • Retransmissions threshold
    Network time affected by high retransmission threshold
  • Request size threshold
    Network time affected by the transfer of a big request threshold
  • Response size threshold
    Network time affected by the transfer of a big response threshold
  • Number of hits threshold
  • Single hit duration threshold
  • Rtt threshold