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Oracle Forms error categories and messages

To customize the configuration of Oracle Forms error analysis and error message extraction in your environment, use the Error Messages table in the Oracle Forms global settings to define the specific error types and error messages to detect and report on.

By default, the following five categories are provided to help you identify the specific error type and corresponding error message. Each category has a corresponding ID, which is used in the Error Messages table to identify the category.

Error category Error codes provided by default?
Forms client error No
Forms application error No
Forms server error Yes
Oracle server error Yes
Oracle Applications error No

For each error category, you can create regular expressions that detect all errors of a specific error type or only selected ones. For the Forms server error and Oracle server error categories, the actual error codes are also included by default in the Error Messages table. For the remaining error categories, you can add them as needed.

The following sections provide information about the available error codes in each error category and the recommended regular expression syntax to use in the Error Messages table.