NAM Probe device configuration

The NAM Probe must be configured before it can be used to monitor the network. After the NAM Probe is configured, you can view the data in the NAM Server reports.

You can define and configure all aspects of your monitoring needs. You can define global setting which will apply to an individual analyzer monitoring specific traffic. You can define your monitoring based on software services, protocols, autodetected applications, identified users, and defined locations or sites. Here, you can fine tune the configuration and apply your custom settings to any number of NAM Probes within your deployment.

Importing a configuration

You can import the entire configuration from XML files, or selectively import specific configuration settings. To configure multiple NAM Probes with similar configurations, configure one NAM Probe, export its configuration, and then import that configuration to the other NAM Probes and customize the imported configurations.

See Importing a NAM Probe configuration for details.