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NAM Console and configuration

The NAM Console is a NAM configuration tool. It is a central location to administer your NAM deployment.

What you can do with NAM Console

  • Maintain configuration images and device information.
  • Administer general data collector and decodes configuration.
  • Manage reporting configuration, alert management.
  • Control access to the NAM deployment via user administration.
  • Use the configuration wizards to create a user defined software service, define an alert and build a NAM farm.
  • Apply, renew and deactivate NAM licenses.

How it all works

  1. The device list in the NAM Console contains all devices used in the NAM deployments.
  2. All of the devices listed in the NAM Console regularly deliver their connection status to NAM Console.
  3. Each of the devices has configuration options and settings unique to the device type.
  4. The NAM Console governs the NAM authentication by controlling the user access and user group roles.

Core NAM Console tasks

The NAM Console is responsible for:

Getting around in the NAM Console

The top menu bar is your access point to almost everything in the NAM Console.

  • Click the NAM Console menu icon to display a menu of NAM Console commands.
    including the following submenus:
  • Click the dashboard icon to get to crucial configuration screens.
    For more information, see Dashboard
  • Click the profile icon to open a menu of user settings, product About information, and user assistance options.