Time to upgrade! NAM is scheduled for end of support. It's time to move to Dynatrace our all-in-one software intelligence platform.

Resolved Issues

Dynatrace NAM 2019 SP4

NAM Console

  • NAM-301 - Updated Jetty to 9.4.24.
  • NAM-326 - Not able to publish configuration in NAM Server due to duplicated alert filters.
  • NAM-362 - NAM Console ExportConfig returns empty ZIP file 2019 SP3.
  • NAM-390 - Vulnerability identified for Console (XSS) in error pages.

NAM Server

  • NAM-276 - The upgrade did not dismiss useless db tables
  • NAM-293 - Numerous alert timeouts.
  • NAM-327 - No single operation load sequence in Operation details explorer.
  • NAM-336 - Installer - Chromium update.
  • NAM-349 - ERROR: Invalid analyzer: 272
  • NAM-353 - NAM 2019 SP3 Upgrade - NAM Server doesn't start when DNS server can't be contacted.
  • NAM-354 - ReresolveServersTask execution errors.
  • NAM-361 - Failed cache-powered trends.
  • NAM-368 - DMI error when trying to send by email or save report.
  • NAM-373 - getDMIData2 REST method returning different data than NAM server DMI Interface.
  • NAM-391 - Link CAS report -> Create alert does not work for negative dimension filter.

NAM Probe

  • NAM-313 - /var/spool/adlex keeps filling up despite repeated capacity increases.
  • NAM-317 - adlex user writing data to /var and does not delete temporary files.
  • NAM-360 - No mapping from SAP transaction steps to tasks.


  • NAM-305 - Added details regarding URLs aging to NAM Help/Documentation.

Dynatrace NAM 2019 SP3

NAM Console

  • NAM-229 - Alert notification message macros are displayed in raw format when creating alert from DMI.
  • NAM-226 - NullPointerException in AlersController when user is disabled.
  • NAM-227 - NAM Console should not allow to add old devices.
  • NAM-224 - Customized time ranges for report linked in alert notification messages.
  • SUPDCRUM-27915 - Change in configuration are not saving and publishing.
  • SUPDCRUM-27638 - After SP2 install, Traffic Traces don't work in wizard or manually.
  • SUPDCRUM-27711 - Alert recipients disappeared.
  • SUPDCRUM-27904 - 540 SSO provider communication error.
  • SUPDCRUM-27957 - Recipients have vanished from the Alerts screens, so no alerts can be emailed out.

NAM Server

  • NAM-241 - Trend-assisting tasks suspended samples for hours
  • NAM-236 - NAM Server warnings (bar) limited to selected user roles only.
  • NAM-224 - Customized time ranges for report linked in alert notification messages.
  • NAM-356 - Processing blocked because of daily report generation failure.
  • SUPDCRUM-27593 - Failover Master NAM Server processes very slowly.
  • SUPDCRUM-27623 - Alert sends duplicated email.
  • SUPDCRUM-27741 - Patch for NAM Server for Console failover.
  • SUPDCRUM-27784 - Report gives error "Period cannot be longer than a day".
  • SUPDCRUM-27827 - NAM Server restart after sqlstate: 1000 error.
  • SUPDCRUM-27840 - All alert email subjects are preceded with: Central Analysis Server Alert Engine after upgrade to NAM 2019.
  • SUPDCRUM-27860 - DMI report showing negative value after upgraded to NAM 2019.
  • SUPDCRUM-27913 - Downtime, after Moving Services.
  • SUPDCRUM-27917 - Alert Notification - Threshold Value.
  • SUPDCRUM-27954 - Possible bug when we change the timeframe of our report on NAM.
  • SUPDCRUM-27990 - Slow Page alerts no longer fire. The conditions were met but we couldn't get the alert to work.
  • SUPDCRUM-28001 - Range not available in cache.

NAM Probe

  • SUPDCRUM-27735 - NAM Probe crashes with core 2019 - 10-11_15.47.27_UTC rtmhs_19.0.1.63
  • SUPDCRUM-27992 - NAM probe support for RHEL - 7 : 3.10.0 1062.9.1.el7

Dynatrace NAM 2019 SP2

NAM Console

  • NAM-187 - Xmx for NAM Console too high.
  • APMODCRUMM-11145 - Alert trap configuration displayed data from previously opened alert trap configuration (did not refresh).
  • APMODCRUMM-11154 - Managed data export uses console proxy even though this option was not selected.

NAM Server

  • NAM-18 & NAM-186 - NAM Server need to use settings from NAM Console to decide which way contact Dynatrace
  • NAM-19 - Specialized alerts were malfunctioning
  • NAM-206 - Analyzer group displayed as a number when used as a tooltip in DMI report
  • APMODCRUMM-11176 - ESM - "Infrastructure health > Agent managers" shows invalid (old) IP
  • APMODCRUMM-11144 - Auxiliary lines in charts
  • APMODCRUMM-11127 - Alert is generated but not sent
  • APMODCRUMM-11164 - NAM 2019 SP1 upgrade fails on high RAM servers
  • APMODCRUMM-11140 - NAM Server keeps rebooting
  • APMODCRUMM-11187 - NAM Server reports no ADoD data more than a day old while NAM Probe has data files back ten days

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUM-31588 - Extended protocol list reported by NFC.
  • APMODCRUM-31470 - Disabled autodiscovery rules are still used by CBA (when creating a software service with the wizard).
  • APMODCRUM-29861 - Fallback to native mode when using kernel where custom drivers fail to compile.
  • APMODCRUMM-11185 - Citrix user name mappings don't require ICA software service.
  • APMODCRUMM-11166 - Updated list of TLS Cipher names.
  • NAM-128 - Added support for HTTP 202 Accepted responses (support for asynchronous HTTP type of traffic, where client sends POST request and server responds with HTTP 202 Accepted).
  • APMODCRUMM-11189 - Fixed problem with log rotation of /var/log/adlex/messages.
  • NAM-208, APMODCRUMM-11205 - RTMGate not starting on RHEL 7.7 (NAM Probe will not connect to NAM Console after Red Hat software updates).

Dynatrace NAM 2019 SP1

NAM Server

  • APMODCRUMM-10988 - (Improvement) Enabled to communicate with Elastic over HTTP with self-signed or incorrect certificates.
  • APMODCRUM-31663 - Fixed problem with access to install directory during upgrade.
  • APMODCRUMM-11064 - Fixed problem with licensing generic decode.
  • APMODCRUMM-11048 - X-Frame-Options flag set in selected NAM Console HTTP response headers.
  • APMODCRUM-31915 - Citrix dashboard capabilities and design aligned with other application dashboards.
  • APMODCRUM-31870, APMODCRUM-31904 - Extended Report explorer dashboard towards bulk report access control management.
  • APMODCRUM-31636, APMODCRUM-31905 - Usability improvements in Report explorer dashboard.
  • APMODCRUM-31705, APMODCRUM-31859, APMODCRUM-31835, APMODCRUM-31739, APMODCRUM-31458, APMODCRUM-30273 - Multiple improvements and bug fixes in reporting workflow.
  • APMODCRUM-31842, APMODCRUM-23625, APMODCRUM-23269, APMODCRUM-19075 - Synchronized color schemes for metric breakdowns across the workflow.
  • APMODCRUM-31571, APMODCRUM-31841 - Metric chart reports use new smart resolution to enable control over resolution.
  • APMODCRUM-31820 - Ability to control chart bottom legend width.
  • APMODCRUM-31840 - Proxy for Dynatrace integration.
  • APMODCRUM-31791 - Newly created or imported reports have correct modification/creation date.
  • APMODCRUM-31786 - Shrunk mode removed from DMI.
  • APMODCRUM-31762 - Set of fixes for cases in which a user might use different login name capitalizations.
  • APMODCRUM-31726 - Improved formatting of very large alerts count in Alerts explorer tile.
  • APMODCRUM-31690, APMODCRUM-29821 - Usability improvements in the new Diagnostic Console.
  • APMODCRUM-31671, APMODCRUM-31662 - Usability improvements in reporting with user name pseudonymization enabled.
  • APMODCRUM-31617, APMODCRUM-31045 - Usability improvements in Traffic Discovery reports.
  • APMODCRUM-31604 - Enabled to search for users with backslash in the name.
  • APMODCRUM-31410 - Redesigned and UX improved Reporting data servers screen.
  • APMODCRUM-31312 - Visual notification when report is slow or user running it waits in the queue due to the previously run multiple slow reports.
  • APMODCRUM-31103, APMODCRUM-31458, APMODCRUM-31102 - Usability improvements in the Operation details explorer dashboard.
  • APMODCRUM-15944, APMODCRUM-30743, APMODCRUM-29885 - Multiple further security tightening improvements, including ability to adjust security headers to customer security policy.
  • APMODCRUM-22610 - Improved way to report users in ISP2/PVU modes.

NAM Console

  • APMODCRUM-30498 - More information in NAM Console in case of yellow probe module status.
  • APMODCRUM-31851 - Sap router correct server IP reporting - changes in NAM Console.
  • APMODCRUM-29884 - Creating script recipients based on existing script recipients.
  • APMODCRUM-31825 - Option to extract Server Name from certificate.
  • APMODCRUMM-11108 - Unable to import SAP hierarchy.
  • APMODCRUMM-11069 - Export to DT does not list all software services.

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUM-27522 - Fixed issue when parsing CORBA RMI traffic.
  • APMODCRUM-31792 - Show A-NETFLOW key in "show licenses" in rcon.
  • SUPDCRUM-27111 - Fixed problem with permission to kernel update hook.
  • APMODCRUM-31587 - SAP router SNC diagnostic and real host name data mining.
  • APMODCRUM-31779 - More information about problems with NAM Probe configuration sent to NAM Console.
  • APMODCRUM-31865 - Added possibility to define extra JAVA_OPTS for rtmgate.
  • APMODCRUMM-11063 - Added new flag for server name source to ssl analyzers.

Dynatrace NAM 2019

NAM Server

  • APMODCRUM-10303 - Added total count within the DMI.
  • APMODCRUM-12018 - CAS Graphing Feature Enhancement Request.
  • APMODCRUM-18085 - Security Issue: Reports links.
  • APMODCRUM-18810 - Alarm on Application on a front-end Tier with comparison to baseline.
  • APMODCRUM-26223 - Last modification timestamp changed even as configuration didn't change.
  • APMODCRUM-27011 - User Defined Links are not deleted when corresponding site is deleted.
  • APMODCRUM-28152 - Can't send emails after upgrade from DCRUM v12.4.13.
  • APMODCRUM-30577 - Cannot pass filter from benchmark section.
  • APMODCRUM-30658 - Node IDs assigning changes.
  • APMODCRUM-30660 - Error servlet NPE.
  • APMODCRUM-30855 - DMI Chart Splitting Option Fails - NullPointerException.
  • APMODCRUM-31014 - Color rendering in full screen night mode doesn't work as expected.
  • APMODCRUM-31145 - Storing to AlarmLog removes all threads.
  • APMODCRUM-31174 - Inconsistent client models handling.
  • APMODCRUM-31253 - Proxy samples are included in export configuration regardless which settings are used.
  • APMODCRUM-31337 - When custom Windows Service Account credentials in use on the NAM Server, upgrade to NAM Server fails to process watchdog settings correctly.
  • APMODCRUM-31391 - Changing HTTPS settings via add/remove spoils settings in common.properties file.
  • APMODCRUM-31435 - Remove all the unnecessary information from the HTML source code.

NAM Console

  • APMODCRUM-28051 - RUM Console CAS installer reports incorrect version of RUM Console and can't proceed.

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUMM-10559 - Installer - more descriptive error message when yum is not configured correctly.
  • APMODCRUMM-10883 - Crash in SNC engine 2010. ICA analyzer used too much memory.
  • APMODCRUMM-10887 - AMD drop rate with negative values.
  • APMODCRUMM-10918 - Strange symbols in the module and user name fields (DB decodes).
  • APMODCRUMM-10953 - Fixed crash in ICA analyzer.
  • APMODCRUMM-10966 - Datacleaner is not correctly handling data files with spaces in the names.
  • APMODCRUMM-10995 - Fixed crash in ICA analyzer.
  • APMODCRUMM-11019 - Fixed crash in ICA analyzer.
  • APMODCRUMM-11014 - AMD stats data for SSL occupy 90% of customer CAS database.

Dynatrace NAM 2018 SP7

  • NAM-236 - CAS warnings (bar) limited to selected user roles only.
  • NAM-242 - The report Operation explorer was malfunctioning for the ISP+.
  • NAM-276 - The upgrade did not dismiss useless db tables.
  • NAM-313 - /var/spool/adlex keeps filling up despite repeated capacity increases.
  • NAM-317 - "a@@@@" User Writing Data to /var and Not Delete Temporary Files.
  • APMODCRUMM-11128 - Oracle Forms users are not reported.
  • APMODCRUMM-11234 - NAM Probe crashes with core 2019-10-11_15.47.27_UTC rtmhs_19.0.1.63.
  • APMODCRUMM-11269 - Alert Notification - Threshold Value.

Dynatrace NAM 2018 SP6

  • NAM-208, APMODCRUMM-11205 - RTMGate not starting on RHEL 7.7 (NAM Probe will not connect to NAM Console after Red Hat software updates).

  • NAM-209 - ADoD - When there are two or more probes and at least one does not have data for the requested time range, data was not displayed.

  • NAM-187 - Xmx for NAM Console too high.

  • APMODCRUMM-11186 - Server restarting when exporting a configuration.

  • APMODCRUMM-11130 - Alarm with an unconditionally negative output filter.

  • APMODCRUMM-11205 - NAM Probe will not connect to NAM Console after Red Hat software updates.

Dynatrace NAM 2018 SP5

NAM Server

  • APMODCRUM-31810 - Report drill-downs (to ADoD) not working when data source aliases are added to Software Service names.
  • APMODCRUMM-11056 - API job no longer working post upgrade.
  • APMODCRUMM-11004 - Timezone/Daylight Saving Time issue.
  • APMODCRUMM-10916 - Empty page with chart on Data explorer report.
  • APMODCRUMM-10984 - SQL error pop-up in NAM Data explorer.
  • APMODCRUMM-11015 - 100% Other TCP failure.
  • APMODCRUMM-11087 - SaaS-Managed dataFeed.json files only saved for the last tenant.

NAM Console

  • APMODCRUM-31744 - Dynatrace Platform server import status not working.
  • APMODCRUM-31840 - Proxy for Dynatrace integration.
  • APMODCRUMM-11064 - Licensing/alarm reporting problems after upgrade.

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUM-31580 - Better handling of data memory limit and cleaning old samples.
  • APMODCRUMM-11011 - Some Netflow traffic missing on DMI reports.
  • APMODCRUMM-10995 - Crash in ICA decode on session reliability hand-off.
  • APMODCRUMM-10883 - Excessive memory consumption in ICA decode.
  • APMODCRUMM-10918 - Invalid user names in db analyzers (invalid characters).
  • APMODCRUMM-11014 - AMD stats data for SSL occupy 90% of customer CAS database.
  • APMODCRUMM-10953 - Crash in ICA decode during decompression.
  • APMODCRUMM-11019 - Infrequent crashes in ICA decode.
  • APMODCRUMM-11007 - Crash during parsing invalid HTTP request.
  • APMODCRUMM-11097 - Added support for VLAN inside GRE (TEB, GRE L2).
  • APMODCRUMM-11080 - Fixed reading AMD-SIZE license.
  • APMODCRUMM-11018 - Crashes in VOIP decode.

Dynatrace NAM 2018 SP4

NAM Server

  • APMODCRUM-30201 - Update licensing reports to address problems found.
  • APMODCRUM-31127 - Day of the week and Hour of the day in Baseline based metric alerts.
  • APMODCRUM-31434 - XSS vulnerability in DMI.
  • APMODCRUM-31453 - Canceling rule on no traffic evaluates for a cancel-less alert.
  • APMODCRUM-31475 - CE does not display (any) dimension after drill down from HD.
  • APMODCRUM-31476 - Default values of abortSignalProperties - minutes for 18.0.x.
  • APMODCRUM-31479 - Incorrect field type for dimensions sent to elastic.
  • APMODCRUM-31480 - Enable to index dimensions sent to Elastic.
  • APMODCRUM-31512 - Citrix Explorer - NetFlow perspective works .
  • APMODCRUM-31553 - NAM timeseries rejected by Dynatrace server.
  • APMODCRUM-31563 - Can't open filter dictionary.
  • APMODCRUM-31577 - Alerts fix testing in 18.0.4.
  • APMODCRUM-31579 - Alerts incorrectly added.
  • APMODCRUMM-10896 - NAM processing falling behind.
  • APMODCRUMM-10919 - Operation Explorer Drill down Does Not Apply Filter.
  • APMODCRUMM-10928 - Open dimension filter select window creates HTTP 500 error.
  • APMODCRUMM-10929 - NAM Server is not processing data at all.
  • APMODCRUMM-10932 - Wrong Server site.
  • APMODCRUMM-10935 - Unable to see all the reports.
  • APMODCRUMM-10942 - Unable to load a license to NAM Server that only has ESM as data source (i.e. no NAM Probe).
  • APMODCRUMM-10944 - Module status shows ESM 12.5.5 as not supported data source.
  • APMODCRUMM-10955 - External import of Tasks definition doesn't work.
  • APMODCRUMM-10970 - Device configuration sending refused.

NAM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-10908 - License throws error in the NAM Console.
  • APMODCRUMM-10950 - NAM Console 2018 unable to login with Administrator credential.
  • APMODCRUMM-10970 - Device configuration sending refused.
  • APMODCRUMM-10980 - Installation is stuck.
  • APMODCRUMM-10996 - Exporting User List from NAM console exports a blank CSV.

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUM-31568 - Fixed problem with too big CGP latency calculations.
  • APMODCRUMM-10892 - NAM Console allows to load Component license to NAM Probe.
  • APMODCRUMM-10966 - The datacleaner is not correctly handling data files with spaces in the names.

Dynatrace NAM 2018 SP3

NAM Server

  • APMODCRUM-30175 - Fixed the synchronization of the switch to disable automatic private sites.
  • APMODCRUM-30978 - Fixed problem with alert names in curly brackets in alert messages.
  • APMODCRUM-31099 - Improved how failed API authentication response is rendered.
  • APMODCRUM-31180 - Fixed problem with sample processing deadlock.
  • APMODCRUM-31220 - Improved links from Health dashboard to Operation explorer for applications without data measurements coming from NAM Probe.
  • APMODCRUM-31222 - Fixed problem with empty reports being rendered on non-processing reporting server with enabled encryption.
  • APMODCRUM-31252 - Fixed "Show activity for this user” and “Search this user" links in User Explorer.
  • APMODCRUM-31253 - Fixed problem with proxy samples being included in export configuration regardless of settings.
  • APMODCRUM-31262 - Fixed problem with reversing colors in threshold-based coloring.
  • APMODCRUM-31280 - Fixed problem with legend lines being incorrectly rendered in Universal Diagram when legend labels are not present.
  • APMODCRUM-31320 - Fixed problem with alert notifications via email.
  • APMODCRUMM-10774 - Improved handling of report emailing log for reports with very long names.
  • APMODCRUMM-10780 - Improved disabling cancel notifications for alerts.
  • APMODCRUMM-10784 - Fixed the Slow Operation Cause Breakdown report broken after upgrade.
  • APMODCRUMM-10786 - Fixed a reading the static files by NAM Server installed on Docker.
  • APMODCRUMM-10809 - Improved data processing when there are problems with communication with probe.
  • APMODCRUMM-10824 - Fixed rendering of chart legend in the dark mode.
  • APMODCRUMM-10856 - Fixed problem with bulk data load caused by race conditions.
  • APMODCRUMM-10873 - Improved protection against regular reporting users saving reports in custom dashboard sections.

NAM Console

  • APMODCRUM-27371 - Fixed a problem with an error while opening LDAP query window.
  • APMODCRUM-27808 - Improved usability of the Locations screen.
  • APMODCRUMM-10785 - Cleaned up and fixed code behind software service configuration.
  • APMODCRUMM-10791 - Improved scripted alert configuration management.
  • APMODCRUMM-10834 - Fixed support for special characters in user names used for establishing connection with MS SQL database.

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUM-30659 - Fixed printing RtmGate stack traces into /var/log/messages.
  • APMODCRUMM-10762 - Fixed problem with some log files missing in AMD export configuration.
  • APMODCRUMM-10772 - Fixed problem with long network time incorrectly increased by the SSL alerts message.
  • APMODCRUMM-10776 - Fixed sampling problem with HTTP and DSSL analyzers when using large number of regex URL definitions.
  • APMODCRUMM-10838 - Fixed crashes due to incorrect detection of long and short handshakes.
  • APMODCRUMM-10872 - Fixed problem with crashes in ICA analyzer.

Dynatrace NAM 2018 SP2

NAM Server

  • APMODCRUM-31014 - Color rendering in full screen night mode doesn't work as expected.
  • APMODCRUMM-10257 - NAM server ExportConfig SSL Certificate.
  • APMODCRUMM-10591 - Clock synchronization request fails.
  • APMODCRUMM-10626 - NAM server report after database migration and NAM upgrade.
  • APMODCRUMM-10675 - Problem with "Number Format in fixed mode".
  • APMODCRUMM-10708 - NAM Server 2018 SP1 Silent Install error: Please, select HTTP or HTTPS or both of them.

NAM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-10703 - NAM Console ExportConfig includes sso-keystore.jks and keystore in 2018 SP1.
  • APMODCRUMM-10718 - Unable to change "Maximum request body length" property.

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUMM-10162 - NAM probe (un)controlled packet drop rate.
  • APMODCRUMM-10296 - Major packet drops when using nCipher card for decryption.
  • APMODCRUMM-10470 - Bug in SSL decode causing NAM probe restarts.
  • APMODCRUMM-10608 - Bug in ICA decode causing NAM probe restarts.
  • APMODCRUMM-10710 - Unable to load SNC key (KPA does not read SNC keys).

Dynatrace NAM 2018 SP1

NAM Server

  • APMODCRUM-29416 - Missing dependencies when NAM server runs a safe mode.
  • APMODCRUM-30371 - Errors trying to see the servers in a particular software service.
  • APMODCRUM-30660 - Error in the NPE servlet.
  • APMODCRUM-30855 - DMI Chart Splitting Option Fails - NullPointerException.
  • APMODCRUMM-10181 - Report server showing ERROR: Invalid analyzer: 272
  • APMODCRUMM-10214 - CAS Self-Monitoring falsely complains about an AMD being unreachable.
  • APMODCRUMM-10300 - Task definition for report export not working as expected.
  • APMODCRUMM-10313 - Migration of alerts to NAM 2018 is not consistent.
  • APMODCRUMM-10356 - Data reported for one period over entire farm is missing.
  • APMODCRUMM-10381 - Dictionary inconsistency detected.
  • APMODCRUMM-10387 - CAS GUID displayed in CAS does not match ESM GUID
  • APMODCRUMM-10407 - Dictionary inconsistency issue occurred.
  • APMODCRUMM-10428 - Server issues five license alerts every sample interval (5 minutes).
  • APMODCRUMM-10435 - CAS DB raised from 0,5TB to 2TB in five days generating ERROR: Invalid analyzer: 272.
  • APMODCRUMM-10453 - Propagation Settings in alerts are changed after Upgrade to NAM 2018 RC.
  • APMODCRUMM-10459 - The NAM Server fails to present a login screen if the NAM Console is running in http-only mode (no https).
  • APMODCRUMM-10475 - Propagation Settings reissued is evaluated wrong.
  • APMODCRUMM-10500 - Filter for metrics is missing syntax information.
  • APMODCRUMM-10503 - Drilldown on Timestamp dimension does not work.
  • APMODCRUMM-10511 - After the upgrade, the operation time and network time percentiles are calculated incorrectly.
  • APMODCRUMM-10523 - No filter icon in ADS (Operation Data) Dimensions.
  • APMODCRUMM-10530 - historical data unavailable in cache error on DMI and out of the box reports.
  • APMODCRUMM-10531 - Slow synchronization of BUC.

NAM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-10130 - Threshold for SQL query cannot be changed.
  • APMODCRUMM-10329 - Yellow status for CAS in RUM Console.
  • APMODCRUMM-10412 - NAM 2018 RC - script recipients can't be displayed when accessing Console over HTTP protocol.
  • APMODCRUMM-10521 - RUM Console uses cluster node IP address for drill down.
  • APMODCRUMM-10595 - SSO redirects to IP address of NAM Console instead of its FQDN.

NAM Probe

  • APMODCRUMM-10469 - Only first application launch reported per ICA session.

Dynatrace NAM 2018

  • APMODCRUM-28939 (SUPDCRUM-22016)
    REST interface does not recognize authentication token.
  • APMODCRUMM-8828 (SUPDCRUM-19661)
    "Server busy" error appears when signing in to Primary NAM Server (old CAS).
  • APMODCRUMM-9281 (SUPDCRUM-21019)
    DCMAS2 is not responding to Config Primary Web Interface.
  • APMODCRUMM-9298 (SUPDCRUM-21088)
    NAM Server (old CAS) and NAM Console (old RUM Console) users are not synchronized.
  • APMODCRUMM-9571 (SUPDCRUM-21988)
    NAM Server (old CAS) is unable to stop/start the CAS service.
  • APMODCRUMM-9627 (SUPDCRUM-22152)
    Importing a 12.4 report "breaks" the ability to edit the report.
  • APMODCRUMM-9682 (SUPDCRUM-22338)
    Processing delay - alert has been rejected as the lock could not be acquired within a minute.
  • APMODCRUMM-9766 (SUPDCRUM-22661)
    Emailing schedule page displays "Error 200".

DC RUM 2017 SP8


  • APMODCRUM-31145 - Storing to AlarmLog ate all threads.
  • APMODCRUM-31253 - Proxy samples are included in export config regardless which settings are used.
  • APMODCRUM-31435 - Remove all the unnecessary information from the HTML source code.
  • APMODCRUMM-10664 - Two software services to two different tenants in Dynatrace Managed.
  • APMODCRUMM-10725 - E_Mailing Schedule Report Error.
  • APMODCRUMM-10734 - Not able to start CAS service.
  • APMODCRUMM-10738 - CAS being unstable and restarting due to not enough connections to SQL driver.
  • APMODCRUMM-10873 - Does not want user to be able to save to folder - only custom folder.
  • APMODCRUMM-10907 - CAS Processing hangs or delays.
  • APMODCRUMM-10928 - Open dimension filter select window creates HTTP 500 error.
  • APMODCRUMM-10979 - Chrome rendering issue CAS server.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-10718 - Unable to change "Maximum request body length" property.
  • APMODCRUMM-10976 - script used not visible in software service.


  • APMODCRUMM-10719 - AMD restart continues to happen after hot fix installation.
  • APMODCRUMM-10749 - AMD Reboot Issue.
  • APMODCRUMM-10772 - Network time explanation.
  • APMODCRUMM-10808 - Discovered more than 10000 ifindexes.
  • APMODCRUMM-10838 - Small gap of no activity on AMD.

DC RUM 2017 SP7


  • APMODCRUMM-10257 - CAS ExportConfig SSL Certificate.
  • APMODCRUMM-10425 - Security Vulnerability - Directory Traversal Arbitrary File Download.
  • APMODCRUMM-10626 - CAS report after database migration and CAS upgrade.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-10555 - Data processing blocked due to a RUM Console issue.


  • APMODCRUMM-10162 - AMD uncontrolled packet drop rate.
  • APMODCRUMM-10261 - Bug in HANA DB decode causing AMD restarts.
  • APMODCRUMM-10262 - AMD is not decrypting traffic.
  • APMODCRUMM-10296 - Major packet drops when using nCipher card for decryption.
  • APMODCRUMM-10470 - Bug in SSL decode causing AMD restarts.
  • APMODCRUMM-10608 - Bug in ICA decode causing AMD restarts.

DC RUM 2017 SP6


  • APMODCRUM-30313 - Mailer Engine Error occurs on CAS Console Under System Status.
  • APMODCRUM-30318 - Dynatrace per tenant Software Service filtering.
  • APMODCRUMM-9833 - Dictionary inconsistency auto-fixed.
  • APMODCRUMM-9933 - Dictionary Inconsistency detected and corrected (Query which was searching for duplicates fixed to support UTF chars).
  • APMODCRUMM-10150 - Client IP Address not reported.
  • APMODCRUMM-10200 - ADS is not processing data.
  • APMODCRUMM-10202 - Slave node in cluster frequently reporting failure in contacting DPN data source.
  • APMODCRUMM-10204 - Not getting reports in .csv format.
  • APMODCRUMM-10208 - Problem with setting users homepage.
  • APMODCRUMM-10214 - CAS Self-Monitoring is falsely messaging about an AMD being unreachable.
  • APMODCRUMM-10226 - Large number of zero sized files are listed in ..CAS\temp.
  • APMODCRUMM-10229 - Scheduled report errors in daily bulk extract report.
  • APMODCRUMM-10246 - License Issue.
  • APMODCRUMM-10250 - CAS services restarting repeatedly.
  • APMODCRUMM-10257 - CAS ExportConfig SSL Certificate
  • APMODCRUMM-10258 - ADS Reporting Connection Not Available to AMD (Port is Open on AMD end).
  • APMODCRUMM-10281 - Search Bar obscures buttons in DMI.
  • APMODCRUMM-10356 - Data reported for 1 period for the entire Farm is missing.
  • APMODCRUMM-10387 - CAS GUID displayed in CAS does not match ESM GUID.
  • APMODCRUMM-10493 - Processing delay.
  • APMODCRUMM-10530 - Historical Data not available error.
  • APMODCRUMM-10539 - Dynatrace OneAgent Breaks DC RUM Scheduled Task Reporting.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUM-30725 - Handling of port aggregation in Console.
  • APMODCRUMM-10083 - Alerts for RUM Console offline - Hibernate Connection Refused.
  • APMODCRUMM-10130 - Threshold for SQL query cannot be changed.
  • APMODCRUMM-10305 - Integration of CAS with Classic Synthetic is failing.


  • APMODCRUMM-9736 - High network time and operation volume drop.
  • APMODCRUMM-10146 - No MOS result on DC RUM High Speed.
  • APMODCRUMM-10217 - Wrong calculation of decrypted sessions %.
  • APMODCRUMM-10264 - Exclude SQL Query.
  • APMODCRUMM-10293 - AMD taking core dumps - possible unwanted RTM restarts?
  • APMODCRUMM-10297 - Unable to extract Userid and Form ID in Oracle Forms 11g.
  • APMODCRUMM-10302 - Dynatrace Managed is causing an error in the calculation of idle time in DCRUM.
  • APMODCRUMM-10314 - Idle time goes up on CAS reports when enabling Dynatrace on monitored host.
  • APMODCRUMM-10322 - AMD is collecting data, but CAS has no operations for any software service.
  • APMODCRUMM-10354 - High number of All other Channels in ICA.
  • APMODCRUMM-10359 - Not reporting HTTP PATCH operations despite analyzing all HTTP methods.
  • APMODCRUMM-10399 - AMD diagnostic data export is missing content of AMD config folder.
  • APMODCRUMM-10406 - /usr/adlex/config/ not included in AMD Diagnostic Information Export.
  • APMODCRUMM-10486 - rtmhs core crash.
  • APMODCRUMM-10495 - AMD restarts.

DC RUM 2017 SP5


  • APMODCRUM-27380 - Illegal data source configuration.
  • APMODCRUM-28367 - Sampling on probe is not noticeable on CAS.
  • APMODCRUM-29441 - Load sequence report doesn't work - ADS drill down into a single operation load attempts to extract 1000+ hits.
  • APMODCRUM-29442 - ADS reports negative response download time values.
  • APMODCRUM-29443 - Time range is not set properly to the DCRUM-induced problem time range.
  • APMODCRUM-29629 - Capacity license warning for probe in V1 licensing mode.
  • APMODCRUM-29747 - Manually executed commands do not have their dependencies injected.
  • APMODCRUM-29806 - DMI filter display is not auto trimming in header.
  • APMODCRUM-29835 - Changing user aggregation settings with no purge on the primary causes database purge on nodes.
  • APMODCRUM-29984 - No scroll for list of images on Universal Diagram.
  • APMODCRUMM-10031 - Sample delay.
  • APMODCRUMM-10040 - SQL Exception is occurring in relation to bulk insert of DmiQueryPerformance data.
  • APMODCRUMM-10082 - Chart reports not displaying defined time range unless the Time is defined as "Absolute".
  • APMODCRUMM-10128 - AMD Failover configuration is not working.
  • APMODCRUMM-10135 - CAS is not supplying configured credentials to proxy.
  • APMODCRUMM-10136 - After upgrade to DCRUM 17.0.4 All Reports interface is not visible.
  • APMODCRUMM-10144 - Cannot Capture traffic from traffic diagnostics screen.
  • APMODCRUMM-456 - Security issue, version of Java / Tomcat / OpenSSL.
  • APMODCRUMM-9321 - vasprd1 reporting failure to contact vasprd3 as "currently happening" even though it is able to contact and report from vasprd3 without issue.
  • APMODCRUMM-9628 - Bulk inserter error - data conversion error.
  • APMODCRUMM-9687 - 2017 environment is multiple days behind processing.
  • APMODCRUMM-9692 - Processing delay - unusual symptoms.
  • APMODCRUMM-9703 - CAS TraceParser process won't connect to a remote SQL Server instance.
  • APMODCRUMM-9733 - Incorrect time format for Hit begin time drill down.
  • APMODCRUMM-9754 - Alert Notifications are not being updated.
  • APMODCRUMM-9786 - Unable to modify packet capture filters after upgrade.
  • APMODCRUMM-9796 - Reports wizard is not working.
  • APMODCRUMM-9803 - Unrecoverable dictionary error occurred. Processing has been blocked.
  • APMODCRUMM-9813 - ADS not processing data.
  • APMODCRUMM-9846 - Difference between ADS and CAS in showing "0" (null?) values.
  • APMODCRUMM-9853 - SQLTimeoutException executing dup-srv-fix.sql SQL script.
  • APMODCRUMM-9854 - LB still not even in PVU.
  • APMODCRUMM-9865 - CAS delay not going down due to long sites tree traversing.
  • APMODCRUMM-9890 - Only current log file is retained in report servers.
  • APMODCRUMM-9897 - Cluster is behind in data processing.
  • APMODCRUMM-9917 - Data processing is falling behind due to ZDataHandlerSerializer.
  • APMODCRUMM-9921 - ElasticSearch integration failing - documentId already exists
  • APMODCRUMM-9936 - Metrics and color rendering disappear after migration in DCRUM 17.
  • APMODCRUMM-9944 - Cannot modify DMI_REPORT_CHARTS_MODE on CAS.
  • APMODCRUMM-9955 - CAS processing hung, watchdog threads failed to force a restart.
  • APMODCRUMM-9957 - Bulk load errors in server log.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-10017 - Cannot add multiple Dynatrace tenants that are from the same environment in the RUM Console.
  • APMODCRUMM-10092 - LDAP is not working after upgrading RUM to 2017.
  • APMODCRUMM-10160 - DCRUM integration, error while adding more than one tenant with Dynatrace Managed.
  • APMODCRUMM-9714 - After adding hot fixes (.jar) on CAS, RUM console alert notification went off.
  • APMODCRUMM-9781 - Changing "Base DN" crashes web browser.
  • APMODCRUMM-9832 - Roles are not mapped to LDAP-UserGroup.
  • APMODCRUMM-9849 - Alerts > notification message > duplicated variables' names
  • APMODCRUMM-9893 - Audit Log - apply changes button not working
  • APMODCRUMM-9924 - Baselines in alerts are not available.
  • APMODCRUMM-9971 - DCRUM Alert is not generating for Clinical RAP.


  • APMODCRUM-27129 - SMTP error reporting added to SMTP analyzer.
  • APMODCRUMM-10134 - Traffic is not decrypted after migration to HS.
  • APMODCRUMM-9534 - Negative values appear in SSL amdstatsdata records.
  • APMODCRUMM-9670 - MQ decode does not show correct operations.
  • APMODCRUMM-9675 - User-Defined software services show in NFC zdata as Autodicovery.
  • APMODCRUMM-9718 - AMD is not reporting redirect operation analyzed by classic SAOP analyzer.
  • APMODCRUMM-9728 - SSL Decryption issue due to reused session.
  • APMODCRUMM-9797 - Sampling on all the front end AMD with 20G license.
  • APMODCRUMM-9798 - Occasional kernel crashes on AMD configuration reload.
  • APMODCRUMM-9816 - AMD automatic configuration is not working properly with multiple licenses for mixed AMD sizes.
  • APMODCRUMM-9817 - No Sequence Transactions reported after upgrade to 17.0.3.
  • APMODCRUMM-9879 - CAS log errors for bucket and operation times in generic trans analyzer.

DC RUM 2017 SP4


  • APMODCRUM-27834 - CAS & ADS does not support communication with high-speed AMD over TLSv1.2.
  • APMODCRUM-28564 - Bulk inserter temporary files are not removed when copying to the final destination fails.
  • APMODCRUM-28707 - Do not update NFC instances when /RtmDataServlet?cmd=version call fails.
  • APMODCRUM-28885 - Bulk Inserter error handling may lead to a deadlock.
  • APMODCRUM-28929 - Tooltip on Application Health overview dashboard not working as in 12.4.
  • APMODCRUMM-9322 - Click twice to add a rule in BU.
  • APMODCRUMM-9324 - Documentation of Operation Time parts.
  • APMODCRUMM-9341 - Problem in editing alert in DCRUM 2017.
  • APMODCRUMM-9439 - Lost (multiple times) CAS - SAAS connectivity.
  • APMODCRUMM-9451 - "Find" function does not work as desired for a table section in DMI custom report.
  • APMODCRUMM-9490 - Ensure that all probes connected to the system use the same monitoring interval length.
  • APMODCRUMM-9491 - CAS error: illegal reception relating to 21474836482 destination.
  • APMODCRUMM-9528 - Warning message "SynchConfigTask execution Failed at mm/dd/yyyy/ hh:mm" is displayed.
  • APMODCRUMM-9540 - DMI report shows incorrect data and is missing metrics from one of the ADSes in the cluster.
  • APMODCRUMM-9541 - CAS is not able to start after service pack installation.
  • APMODCRUMM-9548 - "403 Forbidden" when trying to access a newly-created DMI report through secondary cluster.
  • APMODCRUMM-9550 - Wrong "Application Responses" Report when drilling down from "Operation Explorer" IF MAIN FILTER IS "Client IP Address"
  • APMODCRUMM-9583 - REST interface does not recognize authorization token.
  • APMODCRUMM-9605 - Cannot Connect to RUM Console.
  • APMODCRUMM-9668 - CSS Database did not migrate properly.
  • APMODCRUMM-9685 - Delay in Performance Data Processing is 12 hours 44 minutes.
  • APMODCRUMM-9741 - Help button does not work.
  • APMODCRUMM-9745 - Delay in performance data processing does not go down.
  • APMODCRUMM-9754 - The alert notifications are not updated from the AlertNotifications.json file.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-9341 - Problem in editing alert in DCRUM 2017.
  • APMODCRUMM-9598 - Farm problem: CAS servers remain in draft mode.
  • APMODCRUMM-9658 - Editing Recipient configuration issues.
  • APMODCRUMM-9659 - Can't disable "Generate ADS data" in AMD


  • APMODCRUM-28667 - Allow ON/OFF feature to control reporting of SSL handshake operations as legitimate HTTPS decode operations (see Known Issues).
  • APMODCRUMM-9395 - AMD on Endace: delay in data files generation in case of low traffic
  • APMODCRUMM-9470 - Wizard display no data for capture on XML/HTTP traffic and empty responses (http code 100)
  • APMODCRUMM-9512 - TDS over SSL decode: exception in decryption module
  • APMODCRUMM-9526 - ICA decode: Session Reliability hand-offs Metric - No Values Any Longer
  • APMODCRUMM-9532 - HTTP decode: exception writing headerdata for hits with huge request body
  • APMODCRUMM-9575 - Processing Delay as the result of problem in time synchronization between CAS and AMD
  • APMODCRUMM-9590 - appxml-tools migratetohs fails due to xml formatting errors
  • APMODCRUMM-9621 - ICA decode: some user names end with '\0' character
  • APMODCRUMM-9629 - HTTP decode: redirects wrongly attached to pages, for some pages
  • APMODCRUMM-9679 - HTTP decode: "useRedirUri" does not work on user defined url level
  • APMODCRUMM-9681 - AMD is restarting periodically (SMB decode)

DC RUM 2017 SP3


  • APMODCRUM-28317 - Long authentication of one user blocks all other users.

  • APMODCRUM-28347 - Bulk insert exceptions not noticeable enough.

  • APMODCRUM-28699 - DMI report issue.

  • APMODCRUMM-8844 - Application data is not present in data view "applications, transactions and tier ata".

  • APMODCRUMM-8962 - CAS is not processing data.

  • APMODCRUMM-8965 - DMI shows different data for same source after upgrade.

  • APMODCRUMM-9089 - Application Performance Metric Degradation after v17 upgrade.

  • APMODCRUMM-9104 - Visibility of build-in reports for non-administrative users.

  • APMODCRUMM-9112 - Automatic cleanup of proxySamples directory appears to not be working.

  • APMODCRUMM-9124 - Alerts are not generated while processing historical data.

  • APMODCRUMM-9137 - Error occurs while opening the trace in the Smart Packet Capture in the CAS.

  • APMODCRUMM-9157 - Can create DMI, but unable to save it.

  • APMODCRUMM-9164 - Dimension filter is not recognized when defining alarms of type "Synthetic Monitoring".

  • APMODCRUMM-9165 - DAC is not working properly.

  • APMODCRUMM-9166 - CAS and ADS Clustered Servers no longer process data after adding additional AMD.

  • APMODCRUMM-9178 - Phantom PDF rasterizer issue.

  • APMODCRUMM-9179 - Cannot change chart settings in Chart in DMI Report when shown in EP

  • APMODCRUMM-9183 - Software Service alert fired from failover CAS.

  • APMODCRUMM-9195 - Diagnostic data in DB takes too much space.

  • APMODCRUMM-9205 - Disk usage data view is not processed on the CAS and ADS server.

  • APMODCRUMM-9211 - DC RUM clocks and runs slower on longer time frames.

  • APMODCRUMM-9218 - Unexpected CAS restart after changing the PCS_DEDUP property.

  • APMODCRUMM-9236 - CAS cluster delay after AMD migration from Classic to AMD.

  • APMODCRUMM-9243 - CAS Diagnostic Information Export incomplete or corrupt from cluster master node.

  • APMODCRUMM-9257 - Application dashboard doesn't match the traffic reality seen by the AMD.

  • APMODCRUMM-9274 - Script parameter to BMC intergration is displaced.

  • APMODCRUMM-9280 - Uneven Load Distribution

  • APMODCRUMM-9284 - Locations changes are not updated.

  • APMODCRUMM-9294 - CAS server is not accessible after migration.

  • APMODCRUMM-9295 - ResponseProcessingExceptions on the primary CAS servers.

  • APMODCRUMM-9297 - NullPointerException logged when displaying report.

  • APMODCRUMM-9304 - The ADS has stopped processing showing the java.lang.ArithmeticException error in the log.

  • APMODCRUMM-9308 - Detected probes with differing monitoring intervals + delay after an upgrade.

  • APMODCRUMM-9312 - Cluster Deadlocks and Incorrect Master Nodes.

  • APMODCRUMM-9323 - 2017 cluster reporting fails to connect to an unused port.

  • APMODCRUMM-9330 - Illegal data source configuration when AMD is not responding.

  • APMODCRUMM-9332 - DMI reports conversion from 12.3 to 2017 release.

  • APMODCRUMM-9354 - "Percentage of successful transactions" is wrong.

  • APMODCRUMM-9357 - Settin a specific format for numbers is not working properly.

  • APMODCRUMM-9358 - Sites are not been imported from locations-*.config

  • APMODCRUMM-9373 - Alert log is missing.

  • APMODCRUMM-9391 - Receiving error message - "Cannot get data from localhost" when trying to access reports on AMD Statistics - Capacity tab.

  • APMODCRUMM-9405 - Last restart cause: sample processing timeout.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-8743 - RUM Console fails during Application/Transaction configuration.

  • APMODCRUMM-8895 - Not all software services appear in the RUM console.

  • APMODCRUMM-9095 - Inconsistently can't add CAS as a device in RUM Console.

  • APMODCRUMM-9104 - Visibility of build-in reports for non-administrative users.

  • APMODCRUMM-9109 - RUM Console fails to start after restart

  • APMODCRUMM-9131 - RUM Console allows to set amddata interval with second resolution.

  • APMODCRUMM-9140 - Software Services are duplicated.

  • APMODCRUMM-9148 - Difficulties to rename Software Service in the RUM Console.

  • APMODCRUMM-9162 - LDAP description is not reported for the User roup imported in DC RUM.

  • APMODCRUMM-9203 - Max limit for monitored dimension filters on alerts is not displayed.

  • APMODCRUMM-9222 - DB query auto-learning does not work.

  • APMODCRUMM-9253 - Rum Console High CPU and Large Number of SQL Batch Requests

  • APMODCRUMM-9267 - Device list loads slowly.

  • APMODCRUMM-9282 - Filter in the Recorded Traffic Traces doesn't work.

  • APMODCRUMM-9285 - Very Low - Software Service List UI Bug

  • APMODCRUMM-9307 - Display issue in the Software Service page.

  • APMODCRUMM-9319 - Security Scan Remediation for RUM-Console.


  • APMODCRUM-28182 - Core dump and repeated restarts - RTMHS

  • APMODCRUMM-8988 - High rate for Sequence number gap.

  • APMODCRUMM-9087 - Exchange and RPC - Metrics not available after v17 Upgrade.

  • APMODCRUMM-9097 - AMD HS core 2017-08-21 rtmhs. RHEL7.

  • APMODCRUMM-9101 - AMD Statistics - Packet stats clarification.

  • APMODCRUMM-9113 - Amddatas is not changing to 5 minutes on AMD.

  • APMODCRUMM-9119 - After switching to the AMDs, parsing DNS records generates java exceptions in zdata files.

  • APMODCRUMM-9247 - Lost German national characters in transaction names after upgrade.

  • APMODCRUMM-9264 - AMD sampling though license not continuously exceeded.

  • APMODCRUMM-9334 - Unable to Adjust Slow Operation Load Time.

  • APMODCRUMM-9339 - Parsing error in SMB.

  • APMODCRUMM-9414 - SMB related issues in DCRUM.

  • APMODCRUMM-9430 - High network time is observed for CTXMTCH and CTXCLIP ica operations

  • APMODCRUMM-9461 - SSL Keys are not working.

DC RUM 2017 SP2


  • APMODCRUMM-8740 - CAS SQL Blocking Sessions.

  • APMODCRUMM-8752 - CAS cluster takes over an hour to finish initializing.

  • APMODCRUMM-8904 - Unexpected critically low disk space (Less than 10% available).

  • APMODCRUMM-8917 - Reports names not wrapped. Users can't distinguish their reports because they can't see full name of their reports.

  • APMODCRUMM-8928 - Cannot Email Report in TXT format.

  • APMODCRUMM-9025 / APMODCRUM-27935 - Alert Explorer is not visible to Power Reporting Users when DCA is enabled.

  • APMODCRUMM-9112 - Automatic cleanup of proxySamples directory is not working.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-8864 - Problems with alert notifications (adding recipients, no cancel notifications, etc).

  • APMODCRUMM-8893 - The 12.4 CSS groups cannot be imported.

  • APMODCRUMM-8898 - Can't add ADS to Report Data Servers in CAS Configuration.

  • APMODCRUMM-8910 - The "Alert on finish" button not working.

  • APMODCRUMM-8920 - No users were migrated from 12.4 CSS to the 17.0.1 RUM Console.

  • APMODCRUMM-8960 - Problem migrating the RUM console to 2017 May release.

  • APMODCRUMM-8999 - SAP GUI operations tab is missing a section in SAP GUI software services.

  • APMODCRUMM-9026 - RUM Console is not validating brackets closure/opening.

  • APMODCRUMM-9027 - Capacity, license is exceeded.


  • APMODCRUMM-8912 - After upgrading from version 12.04.12 to version May 17.01, the AMD reports an extremely high drop status.

  • APMODCRUMM-8918 - MD crashes spontaneously when endace is not receiving packets.

  • APMODCRUMM-8954 - Error displayed on RUM Console during the wizard operations.

  • APMODCRUMM-9030 - NFC core clean up is not working properly, it causes the host to run out of space.

  • APMODCRUMM-9046 - SSL non decrypted traffic increased after upgrade to 2017 May.

  • APMODCRUMM-9049 - MD crashes during a regular shutdown.

  • APMODCRUMM-9060 - CAS reports unexpected AMD packet drop rate.

  • APMODCRUM-27296 - Issue with datacleaner.

  • APMODCRUM-27986 - Test new RHEL 7 kernel with AMD.

DC RUM 2017 SP1

Known Issues fixed by the 2017 May SP1

  • APMODCRUMM-8667 (KI: CAS01, KI: ADS01, SUPDCRUM-19235) - Unable to modify a probe if there exist a deleted copy of it.

  • APMODCRUMM-8778 (KI: CAS02, KI: ADS02) - Detected probes with differing monitoring intervals

  • APMODCRUMM-8799 (KI: CAS03, SUPDCRUM-19602) - Can't move up or down STEPS in BU.

  • APMODCRUMM-8818 (KI: CAS04) - Dictionary inconsistency. Indirectly fixed.

  • APMODCRUM-27085 (KI: HSAMD09) - Allocated RX queue memory size is incorrectly shown in /proc/driver/amdhsmem/rx_queue_mem_size.


  • APMODCRUM-24450 - Differing Monitoring Interval Error with only one AMD.

  • APMODCRUM-25613 - Time synchronization with AMD - reevaluation of the URL parameters before repeating the request.

  • APMODCRUM-26117 - Daily Maintenance task timeout does not stop undergoing tasks.

  • APMODCRUM-27361 - Charts are not showing up reliably.

  • APMODCRUMM-8268 - The traffic is not split evenly across CAS servers.

  • APMODCRUMM-8380 - Application Health Status overlay does not open.

  • APMODCRUMM-8453 - The link speed of multiple sites will not update according to the new value assigned to it via RUM console.

  • APMODCRUMM-8499 - vasprd7 suddenly flags alert for being more than 5 hours behind.

  • APMODCRUMM-8502 - Transdata processing performance is decreasing over time.

  • APMODCRUMM-8527 - Generated alert comes from a failover but not from the primary node in a cluster.

  • APMODCRUMM-8569 - Blank PDF is being generated when trying to save "Hit Header Details" as PDF or sent by email.

  • APMODCRUMM-8586 - CAS becomes unresponsive in the RUM Console after trying to change the App/Trans configuration.

  • APMODCRUMM-8592 - Business Units disappeared after a scheduled reboot.

  • APMODCRUMM-8638 - DRP Functioning in 12.4.13

  • APMODCRUMM-8657 - Message appears indicating that dictionary inconsistency was detected and automatically fixed.

  • APMODCRUMM-8694 - Error message appears:

InconsistentDictionaryException task is in progress. Data processing has been suspended {x} minute (s) ago.

  • APMODCRUMM-8703 - Upgrade to 17 failed: user group with ID reserved for user role.

  • APMODCRUMM-8811 - ADS is not processing some data with the following error: ERROR: Invalid analyzer.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUMM-7394 - Capacity status metrics are missing for reporting servers.

  • APMODCRUMM-8505 - The "Add" icon is greyed out, but the right mouse button -> "Add" works.

  • APMODCRUMM-8506 - Unable to sort or filter on software services with license issues

  • APMODCRUMM-8613 - Error 500 occurs on RUM Console when trying to download the recorded traffic trace file.

  • APMODCRUMM-8674 - Cannot add more than 50 AMDs to RUM Console.

  • APMODCRUMM-8704 - Global setting remains checked during the Software Service Configuration.

  • APMODCRUMM-8705 - Logoff is overlapping with a cluster node status information popup.

  • APMODCRUMM-8741 - Console SQL Blocking Session.

  • APMODCRUMM-8771 - When adding a software service with an abundant amount of IP addresses, the interface blocks the actions button.


  • APMODCRUM-18910 - Not being able to escape double quote characters in the rcon regex tester.

  • APMODCRUM-27157 - Updated the default list of accepted ciphers. DHE ciphers eliminated.

  • APMODCRUM-27314 - The RMTHS process never completes the start-up sequence and crashes not long after it tries to initialise the second vDAG.

  • APMODCRUM-27404 - Request for Operational Attribute from 4xx HTTP responses.

  • APMODCRUMM-8212 - DCRUM is showing the wrong operation time on the reports for SAP GUI operations.

  • APMODCRUMM-8648 - Detected probes with differing monitoring intervals.

  • APMODCRUMM-8698 - Parsing error occurs in zdata.

  • APMODCRUMM-8711 - When running a traffic trace or selecting a pre-created traffic trace within the software service configuration wizard, there is no data displaying for any selection.

  • APMODCRUMM-8713 - The AMD is unable to collect netflow data and is generating errors in the log file.

DC RUM 2017

Known Issues fixed by the 2017 May release

  • APMODCRUM-23697 (KI: CAS11) - Scheduled PDF report is blank.

  • APMODCRUMM-7643 (KI: CAS15) - Favorites, home page settings, alert notification settings are missing for some users.

  • APMODCRUMM-8065 (KI: CAS18) - CAS does not show diagnostic stats for one AMD.

  • APMODCRUM-23681 (KI: ADS02) - Inconsistency occurs between CAS and ADS in displaying operation name for SAP analyzer.

  • APMODCRUM-24521 (KI: RUM08) - Last occurrence XML match doesn't return valid result.


  • APMODCRUM-25036 - Image configured for Universal Diagram can't load in Enterprise Portal.

  • APMODCRUM-25442 - "closed without data" should be excluded from overall SSL decryption failures

  • APMODCRUM-25788 - No header details are shown in reports, when user drills down into hit-header details in reports.

  • APMODCRUM-25850 - Saved PDF report contains only a login screen.

  • APMODCRUM-25871 - Scheduled reports are not being sent.

  • APMODCRUM-25882 - Exceptions logged during the configuration export.

  • APMODCRUM-25886 - CAS cannot connect to ADSes within the cluster.

  • APMODCRUM-26572 - Sync Issue with User activity details and server statistics on demand. Fix: Path is now editable on nodes when SYNCHRONIZE_ONDEMAND_PATH user property is set to true.

RUM Console

  • APMODCRUM-25463 - Cannot complete publish configuration to AMD from RUM Console.

  • APMODCRUM-26459 - Console does not communicate with report servers after the upgrade.


  • APMODCRUMM-8509 - AMD lost network connection after rtminst config changes while utilizing bonded interfaces. Fixed by configuring proper Rx buffer size in native mode of customized ixgbe driver. APMODCRUM-21187 Security: tighten the AMD OS configuration after installing with the kickstart

DNA 12.5

  • APMOTT-2392 - BDC won't work in Internet Explorer 11.

  • APMOTT-2364 - Update OpenSSL in Windows console/agent builds.

  • APMOTT-2357 - Network time is represented way too high for total transaction time.

  • APMOTT-2446 - DNA 12.4.5 - SQL Server Issue

ESM 12.5.5

  • APMODCRUM-25536 - User can access resources on the Synthetic Agent Manager web service without authentication.
  • APMODCRUM-28321 - DOC - Console/DB/RunTime Engine - PowerShell - Allow up to 10 scripts in place of QAL.
  • APMODCRUM-28611 - Recorder - Fail to find text when using TScreen.TextSelect with TextMap and no search rectangle.
  • APMODCRUM-28614 - Recorder: Inaccurate verbiage in the framework log pertaining to the resolution that the page object was created under
  • APMODCRUM-28615 - Recorder: Segmentation Mode: and Edit Distance: in the General tab of a text map view are partially displayed
  • APMODCRUM-28635 - Recorder: TScreen doesn't support show capture box playback setting
  • APMODCRUM-28646 - Recorder: TPlayback.OCREditDistance vb documentation was incomplete
  • APMODCRUM-28658 - Recorder: Page Segmentation Mode and OCR Edit Distance were not implemented in TScreen object
  • APMODCRUM-28695 - Recorder: OCR Edit Distance in text map dialog was the default but was not first in the dropdown
  • APMODCRUM-28719 - Recorder - implement Page Segmentation Mode and OCR Edit Distance in TScreen object
  • APMODCRUM-28723 - Recorder: Add a new function for CTPScreen that will convert ImageMap or TextMap search rectangle to screen coordinates
  • APMODCRUM-28775 - Registry collection hung from Technical Support Information Collection SYMSupport.zip
  • APMODCRUM-28912 - Make VBA version available to VBA code; it can be used or displayed in the log
  • APMODCRUM-28942 – Recorder: The Framework's predefined relative rectangle rrCenterQuarter sets the wrong variable
  • APMODCRUM-28961 ; APMODCRUM-28935 - Recorder: Make VBA integration more flexible
  • APMODCRUM-29029 - Recorder: Improve information available in the TPOSI.Terror object
  • APMOSYM-4117 - Recorder: Intermittent crashes during TestPartner.exe exit
  • APMOSYM-4118 - Recorder: .NET crashes in TestPartner.exe process when automating some .NET controls
  • APMOSYM-4119 - Recorder: Provide ability to override default stretch rate in framework module WaitForTextOCR, WaitForAnyTextOCR, WaitForTextDelimitedOCR and ShowTextFromOCR.
  • APMOSYM-4121 - Recorder: Implement stretch rate in remaining OCR functions, WaitForTextDelimitedOCR, ShowTextFromOCR - Make it overridable
  • APMOSYM-4126 - Implement stretch rate in remaining OCR functions, WaitForTextDelimitedOCR - Make it overridable
  • APMOSYM-4127 ; SUPDCRUM-22155 - Synthetic Agent (fxsrvaccws) and/or Agent Manager (fxsrvamccws) web services fails to start after Windows Update due to MS Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
  • APMOSYM-4129; SUPDCRUM-22260 - Synthetic Agent (fxsrvaccws) and/or Agent Manager (fxsrvamccws) web services fails to start after Windows Update due to a buffer overflow caused by an increased amount of performance counters
  • APMOSYM-4134 - Recorder: Need to add a newly discovered TextOutW signature
  • APMOSYM-4135 - Recorder: TestPartner.exe crashes in the Recorder user administration in some environments
  • APMOSYM-4139 - Agents not running script after daily reboot
  • APMOSYM-4148 - There may be connectivity problems between the Agent Manager and the Agents
  • APMOSYM-4149 - Console: clicking the Secure Test button may cause an exception
  • APMOSYM-4150 - Agent Manager web service can take around 30 minutes to start
  • APMOSYM-4151 - Screenshot links don't work on the CAS when Application name contains square brackets
  • APMOSYM-4152 – DOC: OS Supported Versions incorrectly lists WS 2008 for Synthetic Agent Manager
  • APMOSYM-4154 - Transaction Trace reports are generated for fast transactions when the Performance Threshold is changed in the Transaction list grid
  • APMOSYM-4159 - Recorder: VB Error "Subscript out of range"
  • APMOSYM-4161 – Recorder: freezing during the Clean Up - CVFW_Useful_Utilities -> KillAppErrors
  • APMOSYM-4162; APMOSYM-4170 - Autochecks: monitoring of database failed; need 1.8 propritary JRE for AutoChecks
  • APMOSYM-4163 - Recorder: Need to enhance LaunchAppWithParms to allow waiting for a specified process name
  • APMOSYM-4166 - Recorder: TestPartner hangs when using Identify feature
  • APMOSYM-4168 - Recorder: Local Disk was full because of log files
  • APMOSYM-4173 - Recorder: Some scripts had IE HTML contents enumeration issue when the contents come from multiple servers
  • APMOSYM-4176 - Install: new install does not prompt for install location
  • APMOSYM-4178 - Recorder: images could be located, including newly created images
  • APMOSYM-4180 - Recorder: Windows Explorer crash was stopping Playback
  • APMOSYM-4182 - Errors while processing esmdata with German umlauts and other UNICODE characters
  • APMOSYM-4182 - Recorder: Whenever Events stop triggering after any text capture function is executed
  • APMOSYM-4185; APMOSYM-4179; APMOSYM-4184 - – Currency: Support SQL Server 2017
  • APMOSYM-4186 - Recorder Framework - Add function WaitForProcessToEnd to CVFW_Wait_Utilities
  • APMOSYM-4193 – Recorder: Resource leak in IE 11
  • APMOSYM-4194 – Recorder Framework: Text not found by NavigateToTextInWindow
  • APMOSYM-4195 – Recorder: Intermittent application crash
  • APMOSYM-4197 – Recorder: Crashes may occur during Playback
  • APMOSYM-4200 - Recorder:Text capture does not work in IE HTML contents in Windows 10 1809 and equivalent Windows Server 2016 updates

ESM 12.5.3

  • APMODCRUM-22021 - Install: Provide full install service pack.
  • APMODCRUM-25100 - Recorder: Use image comparison to reduce calls in WaitForImage.
  • APMODCRUM-25688 - Recorder: Add Edit Distance to allow for differences in OCR text capture/recognition.
  • APMODCRUM-27223 - Recorder: Save pagesegmentation mode and OCR Edit Distance to TextMap, use during playback.
  • APMODCRUM-27375, APMODCRUM-27416, APMODCRUM-27417, APMODCRUM-27418, APMODCRUM-27419, APMODCRUM-27420, APMODCRUM-27423, APMODCRUM-27424, APMODCRUM-28077 - Recorder: Create a new TScreen object and provide it with keyboard and mouse simulation functionality.
  • APMODCRUM-27664 - Implement interface to handle calls to a virtual screen.
  • APMODCRUM-27816 - Recorder: Create a new TMonitor object.
  • APMODCRUM-27999 - Recorder: Add OCR Edit Distance to the TextMap GUI.
  • APMODCRUM-28067 - Recorder Framework: Add RelativeRectangle full screen definition.
  • APMODCRUM-28156, APMODCRUM-28425 - Recorder: Potential for false positives with textual type images.
  • APMODCRUM-28189 - Recorder Framework: In some scenarios LaunchToPage does not maximize IE window.
  • APMODCRUM-28224 - Add method to TMonitor that will display the screen ID's.
  • APMODCRUM-28344 - Recorder - Move Monitor.Identify to TPOSI object.
  • APMODCRUM-28467 - Recorder: Allow the script to override page segmentation mode and OCR Edit Distance values during playback. Otherwise use the values set in the text map.
  • APMODCRUM-28508 - Install: OS Update for first time installation needed a final Dialog.
  • APMODCRUM-28575 - Recorder Framework: Text capture may fail periodically if the application opens a second IE window.
  • APMODCRUM-28595 - Install: Possible MDAC issues in OS Update.
  • APMOSYM-4100 - Agent Manager: The Web Service needed to use the trusted-connection SQL connection string parameter set to "yes" for SQL Native Client 11.0.
  • APMOSYM-4101 - Recorder: Tooltip needed when imagemap is displayed.
  • APMOSYM-4105 - Agent: Problems with the tools after modifying the Recorder ID or password in the Console.
  • APMOSYM-4106 - Agent: Event Capture utility displays a popup window during script execution.
  • APMOSYM-4108 - Recorder: Random attach failures when using Internet Explorer.
  • APMOSYM-4113 - Install: OS Update issues with VBA 7.1.1069.

ESM 12.5.2

  • APMODCRUM-24943 - The Recorder Framework was enhanced to enable drawing a rectangle around the OCR search area.

  • APMODCRUM-27329 - The Recorder Framework was enhanced to allow usage of the InternetExplorerMedium object.

  • APMODCRUM-27448 - Installation had problems related to VBA when Office 365 Pro Plus was present in the environment.

  • APMODCRUM-27745 - Recorder failed to recognize absence of a window.

  • APMODCRUM-27901 - Recorder failed to find image under some conditions.

  • APMOSYM-4087 - The Console failed to import a large Active transaction file.

  • APMOSYM-4088 - The Console failed to import an Active transaction file when there were rows that included UseMask for Title in an "IE Download Complete" event.

  • APMOSYM-4089 - Elapsed time for an unavailable transaction shows the elapsed time of the preceeding available transaction.

  • APMOSYM-4090 - The Console failed to import rows in an Active transaction file where the RTN threshold is equal to Alert threshold.

  • APMOSYM-4091 - Fxagt32 could not write trace log messages on an Agent Manager.

  • APMOSYM-4093 - The fxavconv process was hanging when importing a network packet trace file.

  • APMOSYM-4094 - Unable to utilize the Manage Users links on the AM and agent web services home pages.

  • APMOSYM-4096 - Recorder script fails due to buffer overflow when using OCR and the elapsed time is greater than 32767 ms.

  • SUPDCRUM-20343 - Unable to open ES Console when logging in with a Console user that includes an uppercase character.

ESM 12.5.1

  • APMODCRUM-27364 - Unable to open the Recorder on older OSs - earlier than 8.1/2012R2
  • APMODCRUM-27583 - Unable to open the Recorder on some environments with conflicting redistributables.
  • APMODCRUMM-8750 - CAS errors due to missing health data in the Esmdata file.
  • APMOSYM-3947 - Message "Login failed for user 'GttaLogin'" needed to be improved.
  • APMOSYM-3952 - ADODB/sqlncli.dll issue with SQL Native Client 2005.
  • APMOSYM-3967 - HTTPS agent-initiated agents fail to transfer user data.
  • APMOSYM-4079 - Script Publishing could fail.
  • APMOSYM-4085 - Missing health information in the CAS due to missing health records in the Esmdata file.
  • APMOSYM-4086 - Missing ESM data in CAS reports due to a collation error in the ESM database.

ESM 12.5

  • APMODCRUM-26967 - Block "localhost" from being entered in the Machine field when adding an Agent Manager.
  • APMODCRUM-26966 - Network Analysis Report shows 12.1 instead of correct version
  • APMODCRUM-26100 - The Database Utility was attempting to create a new database even when an empty database already existed
  • APMODCRUM-24577 - Recorder OCR - VBA thows an exception when a number is used for the search string and is found in the coordinates.
  • APMODCRUM-25633 - Recorder - IEWaitForText parameters were incorrect

Resolved Issues in previous releases